Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ice Cream, Anyone?

We really like Skinny Cow brand ice cream cones around here. Tralee especially enjoys one after dinner for her treat. Recently Tralee's been eating the top part of the cone (mainly just the ice-cream) and handing off the bottom part to Hunter. The pictures below are of Hunter's first REAL taste of his very own ice-cream cone. . . or the hand-me-down ice cream cone Tralee was no longer interested in. He didn't care, he was just excited to have something new to feed himself.
Don't you just want a lick? (said with sarcasm)
Hunter took a little break from the cone to eat some more strawberries. I was pleased.
One thing is for sure about Hunter. He'll eat (or at least try) just about anything you place before him.

Ice cream is no exception.


Joni said...

What a cute little messy face!

Jim said...



Cammi said...

oh my heck that hunter is so cute... I just wanna Kiss those cheeks all day long!!!

Necha said...

Aww...he's so cute!