Wednesday, April 14, 2010


While Jim was gone, we called each other every morning and night. During one of these conversations he asked, "What do you want me to bring home for you guys?" My very PC reply was, "yourself." The fact of the matter is, I meant it. I didn't want/need anything but Jim to come home. He still brought home a gift for the family. What was the gift you ask? A bag of 100 balls and a toddler baseball bat. It's a VERY Jim kind of present, and we all LOVE it!! We spent the next day in our backyard playing baseball, or at least attempting to. Tralee's still trying to get the swing of things (pun intended).

Hunter wasn't too sure about being outside, as you can see from his face. Or maybe he's making that face cause it looks like the baseball bat is about to hit him. It wasn't, so no worries.

I even tried my hand at a little swingin'. I'm trying to make a tough baseball face. It must have worked, cause Jim chucked those plastic balls at me REALLY fast!
Running the bases.
Tralee followed me every time I ran the bases.
Hunter just played in the outfield through it all. He never caught one ball. However, he would crawl around them, pick one up eventually, and drool on it.
He did the same thing once he got a hold of the bat.
We had a lot of fun. Our backyard has been scattered with 100 plastic balls everyday this week.


Mary Ann Carlile said...

So fun! What a great idea of Jim's!

Audie said...

what a fun gift! we'll have to come over and enjoy it with you!

Cammi said...

that looks like tons of fun!!