Friday, April 2, 2010

Fools Day

Yesterday was April Fools' Day, and I didn't really do anything. I'm not good at pranking people. I get too nervous and end up laughing, thus completely giving away my trick. However, a few years ago I did this fake blog post. It was pretty funny to hear what people thought as they read it. Yeah, like I'd ever allow a snake in the house!

Although I didn't pull a prank on anyone, Jim did. Jim LOVES pushing people's buttons. He gets a thrill out of ticking people off, and nothing brings him more pleasure than when he fools someone. April Fools Day was probably invented by someone like Jim for people like Jim. I'm just lucky that his trickery was not aimed at me yesterday.

Yesterday Jim had to head out-of-town to do some business for his Uncle. The business involves selling jewelry. Jim loaded up his truck with jewelry at his Uncle's house, and then stopped to fill up with gas. While waiting for his tank to fill up, he called his Uncle, made sure he answered, and before saying anything directly into the phone, Jim acted like he was having a conversation with someone else and said, "No. . . my Uncle will come help me clean this up." Then he got on the phone and frantically told a made-up story about how he was side-swiped by an on-coming car. His truck was wrecked and thousands of dollars of jewelry was now spread out all over the road. After Jim hung up, he immediately texted, "April Fools!" to his uncle. Well. . . Jim's Uncle didn't get the text, because he was already out the door, on his way to help what he thought was a horrible accident. Long story short, Jim saw his Uncle heading in his direction, he flagged him down, shouted "April Fools," and probably chuckled about his trick the rest of the day. I was scared just listening to the story as Jim called to tell me about it, even though I knew it was all a hoax.

Some husbands are good at electronics, others are handy with cars, my husband has a way to get your heart racing with his tom-foolery.


The Kelly Variety said...

That is hilarious! I wonder what the story is from the other side?? And when Jim will get his? ~ It's only a matter of time;)

Joni said...

I hate April Fools Day! And I hate hearing about people getting fooled. I don't know how Jim does it.

Audie said...

Jim's a dork!

Boom said...

I like the comments! I also bet Jim will get his!