Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Don't mind the messy face. We had just finished breakfast, and I hadn't wiped Tralee's face clean (okay, maybe it was a while after breakfast and I STILL hadn't wiped her face clean. . .I'm not a model mother). In any case, Tralee found a nerf bullet, stuck it to her nose, and exclaimed, "I'm an elephant!"
The rest of the morning was spent listening to Tralee trumpet. If I asked her to do something, "Tralee, can you please pick up your crayons?" The reply I got was, "No, I not Tralee. I an eh-eh-phant" followed by a trumpeting sound. I'd try again by saying, "Okay. Elephant, can you please pick up the crayons?" The reply was still, "No."

So it seems both children and elephants dislike cleaning up after themselves.


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Cammi said...

hahah.. I not Tralee I an eh-eh phant!! Oh man she does the best things!