Thursday, April 1, 2010


A lot of times people comment about how much Tralee looks like me, and how much Hunter looks like Jim. I actually think Hunter looks more like me, and Tralee looks more like Jim. Actually, both of our kids resemble my side of the family quite a bit, but Jim is in there too.
When I was in the young women's presidency in our old ward there were two sisters who adored my kids. They snatched Hunter up as soon as I walked into the room. I love people who love my kids. But that's besides the point. These sisters told me Tralee looked 60% me and 40% Jim. They thought Hunter was 80% me and 20% Jim. However, Jim constantly tells me the kids are clones of me.
Take a look for yourself. I made two collages. There are pictures of Jim, me, and the kids around the same age.

No matter who they look like, my munchkins are super stinken' cute.


Boom said...

They do look more like you!

Love, Mom

The Kelly Variety said...

I thought Jim before but, nope those pic's say You! Stinkin' Cute either way!