Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things I love

  • I love that Tralee says "fo" for nose.
  • I love that when I put my face close to Hunter's, he puts his hand on my cheeks and pulls me in towards his face until we're touching
  • I love how comfortable Jim is. Seriously, I sleep the best next to him. Tralee often falls asleep on him to. He was built for snuggling.
  • I love that all Tralee wants to eat right now is pancakes, or as she says it, "cancakes."
  • I love how Tralee hums little melodies throughout the day
  • I love that when Tralee counts she can't quite get past 11. It usually goes, "8, 9, 10, 11, 8, 9, 10, 11, 8, 9, 10, 11" until we say, "12" to help her out.
  • I love how Tralee is starting to sing along to her favorite songs
  • I love that whenever she sees someone on a show kissing, Tralee goes, "Oh. . . Kissum!"
  • I love that Tralee says "um" instead of the usual "ing" sound. For instance, "Tralee's eatum." or "Tralee's singum."
  • I love how when Hunter laughs his whole body shakes
  • I love when Hunter laughs and it turns into a high pitched squeal
  • I love that as soon as Tralee hears the door unlock each night, she drops whatever she's doing, and runs towards the door while yelling, "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!"
  • I love how Tralee loves to help me in the kitchen. She pulls up a chair, or sits on one until I drag her up to the counter to help me stir.
  • I love how whenever Tralee sees Jim and me hugging, she runs up to us and says, "Tralee the cheese!" Then we pick her up, stick her between us, and keep hugging while we all say, "Tralee's the cheese! Tralee's the cheese!"
  • I love how whenever I'm bending over, looking for something, Tralee climbs up on my back and starting singing, "Horsey Horsey on my way. . . "
  • I love how Hunter kicks and kicks and kicks those chubby little legs of his whenever he's excited, happy, bored, or angry
  • I love how when Corky and Tralee are playing tug-of-war with a toy, Hunter gets really worried about his sister and starts crying
  • I love how Tralee will follow Corky around, copying EVERYTHING that silly dog does, right down to licking our hands, sitting a certain way, or panting.
  • I love Hunter's toothless smile
  • I love how when I lay in bed next to Hunter, he immediately rolls towards me, ready to snuggle and eat.
  • I love how excited Hunter gets about touching things, his whole face lights up at the prospect of touching something new
  • I love hearing my children laugh with each other
  • I love how proud Tralee is when she shares with her brother. She'll run up to me after giving Hunter something and say, "Tralee share with baby!"
  • I love it when my children hold hands. . . melts my heart every time
  • I love when my whole family is in our bed, snuggling, talking, singing, tickling, and reading stories.
I love my life.
I love my family.


Amberly said...

I love your grateful list. we do live a charmed life with all the necessities... our beautiful babies are healthy, happy and they love each other. what else does a mama need??

jim's comment in your previous post is so sweet. what a nice guy- you know it's love when they sacrifice basketball!!

Audie said...

Thanks for sharing your list! It made me happy and made me think about the things I'm grateful for and less about the things I dislike.

Jim said...

Thanks for the pictures Leslie!


Joni said...

Tralee's the cheese!! Love that. I love your list Leslie.

Cammi said...

So cute! I love you guys and miss you lots! Hunter is sure changing as he gets bigger! Love you all!

Aunty Cammi

MattJulieGavin said...

that last picture is one of the cutest family pictures EVER!!! you have a darling family leslie!