Friday, November 13, 2009


I fell off the grateful bandwagon, but I'll get back on. . . right after I vent for two seconds.

I've had a couple of "those kinds of days" in a row. Nothing major. Just a whole bunch of little things that built up. One of them being the fact that I spent two and a half hours at the doctor's office with the kids, because they skipped over our name by accident. They were really busy, so I figured they were just running behind. After an hour of waiting, I finally went up to the counter. They looked confused, made a phone call, and twenty minutes later the nurse came to apologize that she skipped over us. Lovely. At this point you would think they would try to hurry along and get us out of there ASAP. Nope. I sat in the examination room for another half hour waiting for the doctor. Two and a half hours later I left with two crying children (one was beyond bored, hungry, tired, and cranky, and the other was ticked off for having five pricks in his leg) and I too was on the verge of tears.

I know this ordeal is so trivial. I know there are REAL problems out there, I know I shouldn't let it get me down, but it did. I'm a lightweight when it comes to trials, but I'm working on it. Thinking of things to be grateful for sure helps!

That being said, here are my gratefuls:

1. I'm grateful Hunter is a happy healthy six-month-old. His current stats are:

18.11 lbs -- 75%
27.25 inches -- 80%

2. I'm grateful that Tralee was SO obedient at the doctor's office. She was so patient, and really only had a meltdown at the very end.

3. I'm grateful for my trials, I know they're meant to test my patience and faith. I know I've grown because of them. . . although I'm obviously a work in progress.

4. I'm grateful for Clementine oranges. They're back in season baby! I love those little, juicy, orange balls of deliciousness. I could probably eat a carton a day if I let myself.

5. I'm grateful for the staff at my local Walgreens. They're SO friendly, nice, and helpful. They always help me get the BEST deals and are super coupon friendly. I LOVE them there.

I'm doing a few more to make up for yesterday. . .

6. I'm grateful for online stores. If I need some retail therapy I go "shopping" online. I say "shopping" because I hardly buy anything, instead I like to fill up my online shopping cart with whatever I want, then delete it all before I'm done. It's a lot of fun and doesn't cost a dime!

7. I'm grateful for old friends I re-connect with online.

8. I'm grateful for SUPER crafty, amazing mom's blogs. It's so fun to get inspired by their creations.

9. I'm grateful for my parents. They're GREAT parents. They love their kids a lot, and since I'm one of them, I really appreciate it.

10. I'm grateful for photography. Other people's photography inspires me. I enjoy looking at photography websites and blogs. I love looking at cameras and camera equipment I want to own someday. Someday I would really like to own a nice camera and learn how to be a good photographer (maybe even take a class). Until then . . .

11. I'm grateful for my little point-and-shoot that gets the job done.


luke said...

I would be ticked too! Waiting is no problem when you are all alone - in fact it might actually be enjoyable. But when you have two kids to keep entertained, time is of the essence. You have a right to vent!

Jodi said...

Sorry - that last post was mine. Not sure why it came up as Luke...

Andrea said...

Oh man, going to the doctor is always an adventure...

Hey, can I get a few of those crafty blog sites?

Boom said...

The main reason we are good parents is because we have awesome children! Thanks for being you!

Love, Mom