Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful -- Now in Technicolor!

Here's today's list.

Today I'm thankful for:

1. My brothers. Jimmy was your typical big brother growing up. He teased me to tears, but if anyone else messed with me, he became my protector. I looked up to him growing up, and I'm so proud of him today. He's a great daddy, and when he sets his mind on something he REALLY wants, he won't give up until he has it. He's also incredibly kind and thoughtful. My other brother, Todd has taught me so much about being patient, kind, loving, and compassionate. I ache for him to be happy. I know someday he will have his mansion in the sky. I hope in the next life, I'll be able to sit down, and REALLY have a GREAT conversation with him. Todd also helped me know that Jim was the guy for me. Most guys I dated didn't know how to act around Todd so they would get really awkward when they first met him. I can't really blame them, it can be a lot to take in. However, I wanted the guy I married to have NO issues with me having a special needs brother. When Jim first met Todd all my worries were put aside. Jim and Todd hit it right off, and Jim knew exactly what to say, how to act, and treat Todd like a his brother.
2. I'm grateful for the following pictures of my mom. Isn't she a fox? P.S. She says wigs were "in" back then. The picture where she has an afro-thing going on, yeah, that's a wig. The rest are all her! She still has the prettiest hair. She's NEVER dyed it! NEVER! It's still pretty much the same shiny brown it is in the pictures below. Go MOM!

I love the shirt she's wearing.

Nice wig

My mom and me. And, by-the-way, Hunter looks A LOT like me as a baby. I just realized that when I was looking at this picture.

3. Can you tell I'm thankful for old pictures tonight?

4. I'm thankful for these photos of my dad
He was a cute little kid. I think his grandkids inherited a lot of his good looks.

My parents met in the army reserves. It's fun to imagine them back then, just a couple of youngsters fallin' in love.

See, they look good together. I'm glad they decided to make it offical.

5. I'm grateful for the wonderful family history I have. There are so many stories (good and bad), so much love, a little heartache, and so many blessings. I'm really grateful to be part of it all.


Joni said...

Your Mom IS beautiful! Now I see where you get your looks from. Love the pictures. P.S. I wish I could pull off wearing a wig somedays.

Amberly said...

that first photo of your dad is so adorable! I love these old pics, great idea!!

Nana said...

Leslie, I really enjoyed your Blog today. Seeing those pictures from years ago brought back wonderful memories.
I feel so good when we can say we have such a wonderful family. J J's family is so much like our family and you enjoy all of your get togethers too.

Cammi said...

This is a wicked post! Your mom is a fox!!! I love old pictures!

Jim said...


Great post. I'm glad you didn't post any embarrassing pictures of us. Geat memories.