Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a lot of fun this Halloween. Friday night we went to a party. Saturday we went trick-or-treating. Sunday (I know it was past Halloween, but it was still the Halloween weekend) I made pumpkin pie from SCRATCH!! I'm talking, I hallowed out the pumpkin, roasted it, pureed it, and mixed it up into a delish pumpkin pie. I also roasted the pumpkin seeds. (Can you tell I'm a little proud of myself?) The pie is now gone, there are a few seeds left, so really, all we have to show for our super-fun weekend are these pictures and videos from trick-or-treating. Enjoy.

Hunter the frog. He kicks his little legs like a froggy swimmin'.

Before we left to load up on candy, Tralee bounced on Jim's Uncle's tramp. She kept saying, "Tralee's flying!" Especially when I doubled bounced her. I love that she thought she was flying. LOVED it!

Tralee the cowgirl, Jovie the princess, and Oakley the pirate warming up for trick-or-treating by jumping on the tramp

Our little froggy



Jim was a hockey player. He wore roller blades and everything. He couldn't get too far on them though, because Tralee wanted to hold his hand most of the night. . . unless of course she was getting candy.

Three little spooks getting some candy

Tralee became a pro at knocking, and ringing doorbells by the end of the night

I love the above picture. Tralee would often ring the bell, and then peek through the window until she saw someone coming. As soon as she saw that candy was on the way she would get really excited and often say, "I seem 'em!" Check it out on the video below:

Tralee always said "thank you" or "thanks" after I stopped recording, and after the people shut the door. We'll have to work on her "thank you" response being a little quicker for next year. :)

At the end of the night both kid-0s snuggled with Grandma Trish.

We had a blast trick-or-treating. First we went around with the Jacobs family. Then we split up so Jim could do some haunting at his Uncle's house. Turns out, by the time we got back to Jim's Uncle's most people were done trick-or-treating in that area. So, we got Tralee back in her costume and made the rounds. We figured if nobody was going around that neighborhood, there would be lots of people unloading their candy into our little horsey's bucket. We were right. She loaded up!

We had a great Halloween! Hope you did too!


Audie said...

I'm so proud of you for making a pumpkin pie from scratch!! Way to go!!

Jim said...

Hi Leslie,

thanks for the pics.

Unfortunately, the U-Tube videos didn't work for me. I must ask the guru, your brother, why not.

Looks like you all had fun!!


Boom said...

Great pictures!

You look great! I'm glad to know Jim was wearing padding. I was getting worried he was eating to much candy and pumpkin pie!

Love you all,

Necha said...

Super cute!!! I loved the little horsie, and the frog!! Just-SO CUTE!

Cammi said...

LOVE the kids costumes! And ofcourse Jim was a hockey player, I'm not surprised even a little bit. I watched the videos too and LOVED them! She did become a pro at that! Love and miss you all!