Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here they are. . .

Here are my gratefuls for today:

I'm grateful for. . .

1. The blocks Jim made for Tralee. We played with them this afternoon, it was fun.

2. The fact that Hunter is getting over his cold

3. Hunter's smiles, especially when I'm bouncing him on my lap while singing the jumping bean song. (Don't worry if you're thinking, "Jumping bean song? What's that? How come I've never heard of it?" I made it up.)

4. Getting Tralee's toys organized today.

5. Disney soundtracks. Tralee will sit or dance in her room while listening to her favorite Disney songs for quite some time. The other day, while the opening song from The Lion King was playing, Tralee dug around in her toys until she found both of her lion stuffed animals. Then I held Hunter in the air and said, "Simba." After I did that, Tralee wanted a turn. As soon as I set her down, she grabbed both of her lion stuffies and took turns holding them in the air while majestically whispering, "Simba." So fun.

On to the next. . .

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