Monday, November 16, 2009

Today's Thankfuls

Today I'm thankful for. . .

1. Jim and the two hours of sleep I got this morning. Hunter DID NOT sleep last night. Maybe he's starting to teeth or something, but he was up all night. I wasn't feeling my best to begin with, so the no sleep thing was AWFUL. Then, at around 6:30am Jim took over. He pushed back his install for later in the morning, and watched both kids for me while I slept for two hours. He closed our bedroom door and kept all little munchkins away from me. I swear, those two hours of sleep were HEAVEN! Absolute bliss. Jim's awesome!

2. Good friends. The kind you can tell anything to, and they don't judge you. They're just your friends, ready to listen, and offer help or advice when needed.

3. My sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law. All of Jim's siblings and their spouses are awesome. I never felt awkward or in-lawish around them. They just took me in as one of their own, and I love them for it. My brother's wife is also awesome. It always seems like we have a lot to talk about when we're together. She's so comfortable to be around, and a lot of fun. She's also an awesome mommy.

4. and Tralee loves both of these internet sites. She especially loves the Curious George games on PBS and pretty much everything on Starfall. I love these sites because it's a nice way to pass some time with Tralee, and they're educational. We started with learning the letters and their sounds on starfall when Tralee was around a year, and she knew most of the letters before she turned two.

5. Books. I love to read. I haven't been lately, unless it's to the kids. My excuse? I'm busy with the munchkins. I just got Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South. I'm going to find the time, and read it. Can't wait! I hope it's as good as I remember it being.


amy said...

aww, thanks Leslie! you're an easy person to get along with. hopefully this summer's 'road trip' works out and we'll see you guys! i also hope Hunter starts sleeping better for you; running on not enough sleep is no fun.

Tarasine said...

Oh, I LOVE Elizabeth Gaskell! This summer I watched a bunch of movie adaptations of her novels--they were so well done! I especially loved Cranford. Have you seen any of those?

Boom said...

I think the "thank you" blog is awesome! I'm thankful for it!