Friday, October 30, 2009

Best Friends

I love that my husband is my best friend. The other day we were fighting over the DVR. Jim wanted to record NBA basketball games all night, which would stop the recording of my newest guilty pleasure, Medium. The argument was getting pretty heated. Right when I was pleading my case, Jim started cracking up.

"What? What's so funny?" I asked, still fuming.

"Us! I love how our arguments are over stupid things that don't even matter." Jim chuckled.

I started laughing too, realizing how ridiculous our fight actually was. Jim then reminded me, "you're my best friend." I then watched him delete one of his games. He explained he would later catch the highlights on sports center. The funny thing is, after all this, Jim actually figured out a way that both of our shows could record. All that hubbub for nothing. Silly.


Audie said...

HAHA!! I like Medium too! Such a great show!

Joni said...

hahaha!! That's so cute. All our fights are ever about is stupid tv stuff too. We can never agree on anything. :)

Channing: said...

oh my that is so cute,,,,, you two are always my thoughts on a great marriage. love you guys