Sunday, October 11, 2009

Part Three: St. George

We left Vegas Sunday night, and drove towards St. George. We wanted to spend some time with Adrienne and her girls, and Joni while we were in town. We packed in as much fun as we could on Monday. Jim and Adrienne golfed, we swam, carved pumpkins, played Rock Band, ate good food, and chatted it up. It was a great day and hard to leave on Tuesday!

First are the pictures from swimming:

Here is Cassi jumping in. My favorite one is picture number three.

Poor Tandra. She brought her raft along and said the wrong thing, "Guys, this is my raft, okay? I brought it, so no one can use it except for me." Of course when someone says something like this Uncle Jim hears, "Guys, I'm going to try and stay on this raft while you try and push me off and use it for yourself. Got it?" Just look at the collage below. You see Tand jumping on her raft, and then right around picture number four you see her looking at something coming towards her. That something is Uncle Jim, and yes, he's going to knock her right off her raft!
Tralee likes to smack Jim into the water. He deserves it.
Tralee LOVED this little tube pictured below. It was the first time in her life she "swam" around without help. She tipped over and almost drowned once. I had to jump in (while holding Hunter, mind you) and tip her back up. It was quite alarming, and made me want to put Tralee in swim lessons ASAP!

Towards the end of swimming Tralee discovered the joy of throwing rocks into the pool. Tandra, Cassi, and Jim found the joy of diving for said rocks and throwing them out of the pool.

Later that night Jim took the girls to a mexi-mart to find GIANT marshmallows. Jim loves them. Plus, while they were there they each picked out a different Hispanic soda and we all sampled them when we got back to Adrienne's.

The other tradition we've started with Ade's girls is carving pumpkins. Whenever we're around them during Halloween we HAVE to carve pumpkins. I usually roast pumpkin seeds, and after the pumpkins are carved Jim chases the little girls around the dark with a lit jack-o-lantern. The chasing around part is a tradition that started with Jim's dad when Jim was little. The first year we were married, I had no idea about this tradition. Jim and I had carved pumpkins and I was quite shocked when he turned out the lights and started chasing me around our tiny apartment with one of the lit pumpkin heads. It was only AFTER he did this that Jim explained it was a family tradition. Fun times.

Tralee slept through the pumpkin carving, so the next morning she was surprised to see all of these "compcains" sitting on the kitchen table.

And. . . . WE'RE DONE! Done with the Vegas trip posts. HOORAY!!


Nana said...

It sounds like you had a ball with J J's family.
Way to go girl, you need a break once in a while and so does J J.

Necha said...

FUN! I miss you guys!

Joni said...

WAY FUN! I'm so glad we got see you guys! I loved it!

Stephen & Kendra said...

Love all the pictures, what a fun trip. I haven't been to Vegas for years, it is definately a fun place. I laughed out loud thinking about Jim chasing you around the apartment, freaky and funny. Glad you had a great time. Kendra

Audie said...

A super fun trip!! Happy Birthday! I hope Jim gave you great gifts!!

Jim said...

Thanks for the pictures