Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vegas Trip Part One

A few weeks ago Jim's Uncle asked Jim to do a 10-day roadshow for him at a Costco in Las Vegas. It was last minute, but after rearranging our schedules we agreed to go. Jim worked during the day, while the kids and I played. When Jim was done working, we all played. Plus, our food and hotel were paid for. Not a bad gig, if you ask me. Another bonus was Jim's brother John and his family live in Vegas, so we were able to play with them too. Tralee had a blast with her cousins, and I loved being in warm weather. I love warm weather.

Now comes the hard part, trying to decided which of the almost 300 pictures I took are blog-worthy. I think I've narrowed it down.

Batch number one are some pictures I took while hanging out with John, Cassi, Lexi, and Brody. They were so fun to be around, and we love them and miss them to bits.

All the cousins watching a movie

While we were in town Tralee called Lexi "Ahi," Brody "Ahi," Cassi "Ahi," and John was "Juan" (said with Spanish flair). Whenever Tralee and I turned the corner into their neighborhood Tralee would get so excited and started saying "Ahi! Ahi!" I'm not sure which "Ahi" she was most excited to see.

The two youngest boy cousins on the Jacobs side, Brody and Hunter. When Hunter is a little older I'm sure these two will be up to no good together.

The three of them running in circles around this table

Hunter at the park

The first few days we were in Vegas Hunter was running a fever a not feeling too great. It was the first time in his life Hunter was sick. I felt so bad for him. Luckily, he got over his illness quickly and became his sweet little self again.

The next few pictures are from a fun park near John and Cassi's place. This park has a fun splash pad that Tralee had a blast playing in.

Jim and John at our hotel watching a football game of some sort. We all just got back from eating at our hotel's buffet.

Crazy hair!
What could a visit with cousins be without the infamous bathtub pictures

These next few pictures were of Cassi and me taking the kids to a nearby park. We walked there, and as we walked I was bragging about what good moms we were for taking our kids to a park. On the way home, all of the kids broke down and cried at some point. Cassi looked at me and said amidst all the tears and complaining, "We're such AWESOME moms!" I laughed.

Here are some pictures while everyone was still happy:

So. . . that's installment number one from our Vegas adventure. More to come within the next few days. I need to go clean my house now. It's a wreck and I still haven't unpacked.

Until next time. . .


Audie said...

So much fun!! I want a vacation to Vegas with everything paid for!

Joni said...

Those pictures are awesome!!! I wish I could've been around for all of that. It looks like you guys had a great time!! I can't wait to see more.

Boom said...

Thanks for sharing. Kids are adorable!
Love Mom