Friday, October 9, 2009

Las Vegas Part Two: The Hotel

This second batch of photos is from our stay at the hotel. The hotel was also a casino, but it had a movie theater, bowling ally, pool, workout room, restaurants, buffet, and arcade in it as well. We utilized most of these amenities during our 10-day stay.

Every morning we would exit our room, number 438, Tralee would run down the hall and wait for us at this window by the elevators. As soon as we got there, she would push the down button, wait for the elevator, walk right in after it opened and hit the "L" button for lobby. She knew exactly what to do after we told her the first time.

When the elevator door would open into the lobby Tralee would see all the fancy blinking casino lights and her reaction was always, "Oooo! Look Mom! Look!"

Our hotel room was pretty basic. However, we pretty much only bathed and slept there, so it was perfect for us.

Every time I put my face on (which isn't very often) Tralee wants to join in the fun. While we were in Vegas, this was Tralee making herself pretty as I was doing the same.

The end result:
Three days before our final day in Vegas I took Tralee bowling. She LOVED it. That's all she talked about the rest of the day, "A Tree bowing?" Which translates to, "Can Tralee going bowling?" I would usually answer, "Maybe we can go bowling later with Daddy." All I heard after that was, "Daddy go bowing?" We ended up bowling everyday after this until we left.

Tralee's first bowling score is pictured below. In her defense, we didn't use those nifty ramp things until halfway through her first game. A lady bowling next to me asked me why we weren't using one, since every time Tralee threw her ball down it rolled S L O W L Y to the pins. I forgot all about the ramps. After that, all we used to bowl were the ramps, and Tralee knew exactly what to do. I didn't have to help her at all. She knew which ball was hers, how to line up the ramp, and how to stand back and watch her ball knock the pins down. It was awesome. In my defense, I let Tralee bowl for me, and the bumpers weren't up when my name was. . . so it pretty much went into the gutter every time. I really can bowl more than a 32.

After bowling we would go to the arcade. Tralee is at the age where just sitting on the games is enough for for her, she thinks she's playing as long as there's something to look at on the screen. Works for me! Her favorite game to sit on was this motorcycle one. The motorcycle would rock back and forth, and she LOVED it!

The person on screen kept doing tricks. Eventually Tralee started copying them. Here she is doing the "superman" pose. Pretty talented, don't you think?

On Friday night our hotel's buffet had a sea food event. All I ate were crab legs. I mean, how can you not eat crab legs when they're all-you-can-eat. We gorged ourselves on crab legs, salmon, shrimp, and oysters. I felt no guilt either. Not one little bit. The pictures below are from our seafood night.

Jim took this picture of me reading to the kids before bedtime. My foot is filthy! Don't look at it. Great, now that I typed that, all you're going to look at is my foot. How about this: Don't look at my cute kids. They're way to cute, so don't look at them.

Here we are on Saturday night cosmic bowling. We were going to go down to the strip, but all Tralee was talking about was bowling. So, we decided she would have more fun bowling at the hotel, than she would on the busy Vegas strip. We'll take her to the strip when she's a little older and will have more fun riding rides and whatnot.

Check out Jim's perfect form:

Hunter fell asleep right away.

Jim and Tralee's scores:
Playing at the arcade after bowling:

I think I have one more Vegas post to do. . . then I'm all caught up! HOORAY!! Stay tuned.


Joni said...

Oh man I love it! Looks like a blast!

Nana said...

What a great time you must have had and Tralee was in her glory. I'm so glad you had that chance to go to Vegas, a break from the usual routine and fun, fun, fun.
I didn't know they had stands for the kids to put the bowling ball on and let it roll down the alley. No wonder she wanted to bowl all the time, that was fun.
Great pictures, I really enjoyed them
Love, Nana

Audie said...

Your foot totally grossed me out! Just kidding!!