Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Corn Maze

This last Saturday we hit up a local corn maze/pumpkin festival with the other Jacobs family. We all had a lot of fun. This place was pretty cool, and had numerous activities for little ones to partake of.
Why oh why can't my husband take a normal picture?

This place had a large pillow-y looking bouncy thing on the ground. 100 people can jump on it at a time. Tralee loved it. So did I. I want one for our backyard.

Here's Jim and Jared having just as much fun bouncing as all the little kids.

Tralee fed some ponies hay, but she kept a wary eye on them.

The next few pictures are of Tralee's favorite part of the day. They had these barrel-cow things all hooked up to each other. They were pulled by a tractor. When Jim put Tralee in Greta I was worried she might start freaking out a bit once the tractor started going, as Tralee is not a fan of rides. However, she surprised me and LOVED this. She went on another ride with Jim a little later. I was so proud of my brave little girl.

Jovie, Jared, Oakley, and Tralee going for a ride

This is what Hunter did for most of the day:

Jovie went on a pony ride, Tralee chickened out. Maybe next year Tralee will be ready to ride a pony.

Tralee and Jim are watching the pig races in the picture below. This was really cute.
Jovie and Tralee watching for the little piggies

Jim and Jared think they're SO funny!
Tralee wanted to eat some corn SO bad! We ordered her some, and it took FOREVER before it was ready. It was worth the wait. She LOVED it!

Tralee plays with her ears when she's tired. This photo was towards the end of the day. We had been wandering through the corn maze, and she was definitely getting tired.

Where are we?

Jim had to ruin this nice picture of Audie and me. Typical. :)

I like this next picture of Jovie and Tralee wandering through the corn maze.

Towards the end of the day, Hunter decided it was time to wake up.
In the below picture, Tralee decided to peek through the hole all on her own, so Jim captured this shot. She was just hanging out like this. Funny girl.
We had a lot of fun! Now go find a corn maze/pumpkin festival and have some fun of your own.


Joni said...

Looks was fun! I love those cute little rides!

Necha said...

I LOVE that you post a million pictures! It makes me feel like I was there! :)

Cammi said...

That looks like so much fun!! And my husband always pulls faces in pictures too.. I have to specifically ask him ahead of time to be normal or I will get the same result that you do. I love that Tralee rode the ride! And I especially love the pic of Jared in there with all the kids on the ride. :) made me giggle. Those boys are nerds. Glad you guys had so much fun!! Love and miss you!

Hannah S said...

Cute header photo.
I love those farm/maze adventure type places. We took the kids to one last year and they had a blast! I love this time of year.

Audie said...

Jim didn't ruin that picture. I was doing goober eyes in it anyways. You photos look great. I really like the one with Tralee by the Farmstead sign!

Boom said...

Great Pictures! Thanks! Love Mom

Nana said...

Leslie, You really had a big day and fun was had by everyone.
It looks like the whole day was filled with things to do. that's the way to have fun with the little ones.
It looks like out State Fair with rides for the little ons.
I'm glad you had a nice outing, with all of you as a family. Way to go. Nana

Jim said...

Thanks for all the pictures


Cammi said...

oh and p.s. I love that Tralee is wearing that little skirt on top of her jeans.... :) She's so funny.

Stephen & Kendra said...

The people that own that are in our ward and we have our ward parties there. It is a blast. I love it there. Last year I was 8 1/2 months pregnant jumping on that thing. That was when my strech marks came. We went to Linder Farms on Monday and it was a blast. I love stuff like that.

The Kelly Variety said...

I was going to tell you, I am not one to give advice on potty-training. The very next day she would NOT wear underware and had to have a diaper. Kade wouldn't sit on the potty for anything, until we took him on a plane ride. Then all of the sudden he wouldn't wear a diaper! (Ya that makes for an already long plane rider LONGER!!!) So good luck I really don't have anything for you! Sorry!
I don't have any normal pictures of Mike either. I'm starting to think he might not be normal!?!