Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm curious about a lot of things. The first one being, WHEN WILL I HAVE THIS BABY????

With Tralee I was induced a little over a week early because they were worried she would be too big. Well, my doctor guessed that this little boy is already around 8 lbs (which was how big Tralee was) yet there's no talk of induction. Aren't boys supposed to be bigger than girls, and doesn't each kid get a little bigger with each pregnancy? So, wouldn't that mean they should induce me?

Here's the thing. I didn't like being on pitocin with Tralee, it hurt. . . a lot. However, after an epidural I was quite relaxed and the rest of the labor wasn't too bad. I told myself with this pregnancy I would like to go into labor naturaly without the help of pictocin. That was back when I thought I would have had this baby by now, and back when I wasn't nine months pregnant. Now I'm rethinking the whole induction thing.

Here's the other thing. My mom is flying into town tomorrow night from Ohio to "help with the baby." She's staying for ten days, and then I lose her. So, I really want this baby to come before she leaves so I have a little extra help.

My next appointment is on May 5th. If this little (or big) guy hasn't come by then, and there's STILL no talk of helping him out I might just cry.

What about all you mothers who read this blog. Did you get induced? How early or late were your babies? Does each baby get bigger? Are boys REALLY bigger than girls? Did you self induce (if so, HOW)? What advice do you have for a lady who wants to have her baby soon, and it doesn't seem like the baby wants to leave his cozy little cave just yet?

Any advice/kind words or thoughts would be appreciated. :)


amy said...

Ok, you probably know this stuff, but here it is again anyways: Haylee was induced when she was just short of 2 weeks overdue. She was 8lb 5oz. Brady wasn't induced, but was still 7 days overdue and weighed 8lb 3oz. If you don't mind being induced, tell your doctor you want to be induced. Some doctors will, some won't. It's worth a try and tell him/her that your mom's gonna be in town. And, if he/she won't, then find a new doctor. Good luck. I'll say some prayers and maybe you'll have the baby tonight!! :)

The Kelly Variety said...

I've never had one early, I'm two weeks late and they induce. So this being the case my Mom came to Michigan 1 week after my due date so she'd be early, yeah Kade was born naturally on his due date, then my mom came a week later. I've tried all the self inducing things and none of them worked for me! Good Luck, #2 was my biggest.

Joey Clements said...

With Brandon (my first) I was induced at 42 weeks and he was huge (9lbs 12oz 24 inches). I was worried that Rylee would be huge so I scheduled my c-section for my due date and she was 2 lbs lighter and 4 inches shorter. I've heard that boys tend to be bigger, but I really don't know for sure. Hang in there my friend, you'll have that baby in no time! I hope you are doing ok- I know being 9 months pregnant isn't fun. Keep us updated! =)

Stephen & Kendra said...

Katelyn was naturally 2 weeks early, my water broke. So the Dr. told me I would be 2-3 weeks early with Preston. I had very bad contrations for 3 weeks but no baby. I got enduced a week early and didn't regret it. I was about ready to break my own water at that point. I say go for it. Preston was a pound heavier but also a week later

Aunt Debi said...

Ask your doctor to strip your membranes (or find a compassionate nurse) and then walk, walk, walk! I was right on time with Cody and then when I was ready the Dr. stripped my membrances and I went within 2 days. We walked all over Provo every night.

Jade and Dot Nielson said...

I agree with Aunt Debi: walk, walk, walk! All three babies were within a couple of days of the due date, so pretty much right on time. Jaden: blue cohosh gave me false labor for a week then induction. Gabe: castor oil worked. Maya: oh mama, did the castor oil work. It was as bad as the pitocin. I liked the walking the best. God luck!

Phelps Family said...

With Mason I went into labor naturally. The other 3 kiddos were all induced 5 days early. My girls were actually bigger than my boys and as you know they are every other so the babies getting bigger each time didn't necessarily apply to me either! Walking worked the best to keep things moving with Mason.

I hope your little guy comes soon! Any names picked out?

J and L said...

I was induced with Shawna. I have my own theory and that is that once you are induced your body doesn't know how to go into labor naturally. My reasoning for that is. Meagan was 2 days early, Shawna was induced 3 weeks early (problems) and Jackie was two weeks late. It just seemed like my body wouldn't do anything. No doctor has ever confirmed my theory but take it for what it's worth. Also, more suggestions from an "old" person. Take a book and read. I read The Firm when I was induced with Rachel. (After Nikki was born in the emergency room my doctors were convinced that I lived too far away to mess with that much distance.) I wasn't crazy about being induced but it beat having my water break on the mountain and having to fight pushing in order to make it to the hospital. Good luck with everything. I'm so excited for you. If I could just deliver babies for a living and not have to be pregnant for 9 months every time that would have been my career. I loved having my babies. It was a real rush for me.