Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brownie Bandit and Other Foolishness

I made brownies last night. When I wandered into the kitchen this morning this is what I found:

As you can see Tralee is very self sufficient. She managed to pull a chair up to the counter, find a utensil (a toothpick) and not only feed herself some brownies, but poke holes in the rest of the brownies she wasn't consuming. I guess I need to get Tralee's breakfast on the table a little faster in the future.

The next picture is Tralee taking a nap. Nap time has been a bit of a struggle lately. We'll put Tralee in her bed, read her stories, sing her a song, give her a kiss, say "Night. Night. We love you," shut her door, and Tralee is supposed to fall asleep. Well, Tralee hasn't been keeping up her end of the bargain. Recently we hear a lot of chitter-chatter coming from her room, whining, playing, books being pulled off her shelf, knocking on her door, jumping on the bed, etc. Sometimes Tralee WILL NOT go to sleep. On these days I usually go in her room and firmly tell her to "Go night night!" Tralee usually climbs back into her bed (if she's not in it already), lays down, squints her eyes closed, and fake snores. I stand there watching to see what happens, and usually notice Tralee opening up her eyes to peak and see if I'm still there. If I am her eyes squint shut again as she continues to fake snore. If I leave the room the jumping, singing, or playing begins again within two seconds. The other day Tralee ACTUALLY fell asleep, but not in her bed. Nope. . . on her little couch surrounded by a pile of books she tore off of her bookshelf. I grabbed the camera and got a quick picture of Tralee before I got her back in her bed, covered her up, and thanked the heavens she finally surrendered to sleep so I could have a little break.

This last picture is some game Tralee and Jim were playing. We've been getting A LOT of magazines in the mail for some reason. Magazines that we NEVER read. Think: World Traveler, Car and Driver, GQ, etc. We're not sure why we've been receiving these. We must have signed up for something some time and got these magazines as a result. Anyways, Jim and Tralee were having fun tearing pages out of one and putting them on Tralee's head. For some odd reason Tralee loved it. She sat perfectly still as to not disturb her new head-wear. This last picture is of Tralee looking extremely serious, probably concentrating on being very still. We thought she looked funny, so we took a picture.


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