Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

There are a million pictures on this post. So, I'll keep the dialogue to a minimum so it won't be too terribly long.

Jim's sister Sue and her family came to Boise for Easter. We had fun hanging out with them and other family in the area.

The Saturday before Easter is the annual Callister Easter egg hunt. We've had it at Trish's and Uncle Dave's in years past. This year it was at Aunt Michelle's. She has some nice acreage, so it was the perfect place for the Easter Bunny to leave TONS and TONS of eggs. Seriously, I think each kid was able to find 20 to 30 eggs EASY!

The troops rounding up for the hunt

Tralee patiently waiting with her Daddy to look for some eggs.

Cousin Kelly, Tralee, and cousin Colleen waiting for the hung to begin

Lookin' for eggs

Time out to swing

Egg in a tree

Check out all the eggs!

Swingin' some more with Colleen

Getting some more eggs.

She can almost reach it!!

Try not to be disturbed by the following picture:

Jim sporting his mother's wig.

The next few pictures are from Easter morning at our house. The Easter Bunny left some goodies for Tralee.

Cute Easter Dress Pictures
Tralee's Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs got this cute Easter outfit for her. I LOVE it!

The following two photos are of me trying to get a good picture of the hottest couple I could find. I think it was impossible to do.

Below are more Easter pics. I captured a few of our nephews Henry and Keaton, and most of the gang gathering to eat Easter dinner -- YUMMY!

We had a lovely Easter weekend. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so fun.


Michelle Burk said...

Great pictures! What a great weekend. Sure love you guys.

JoAnn said...

Seriously I can't stop laughing at JIm, I am not surprised that he'd wear his mothers hair. I really can't stop laughing, I had to go back and look at it twice. Tralee is so cute and the pic of you and jim is very sweet

The Kelly Variety said...

Loved her Easter dress. Your pictures are awesome, it makes me want to get a new camera. I had fun at your shower.

Necha said...

HOLY COW!!! Your baby is not a baby any more!! In those Easter egg hunting pics she looks like a little woman! I can't believe how fast she grew!!! She is too cute! -And tell Jim that he doesn't look good as a woman.

Joni said...

I LOVE those pictures!! It looks like the best Easter EVER!

MattJulieGavin said...

adorable dress & i love her red shoes!! the pic of jim in the wig was hilarious ... and who is that great looking couple??? it looks like you had such a fun easter!!! i love easter!

The Bradley Family said...

What a cute little girl!!! Those red shoes are the perfect touch to such a cute dress! By the way you are a really good photographer!