Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Nature/Fishing Hike

Saturday was a beautiful day. After Jim was done working, Tralee and I let him know we were ready to broaden our horizons. Luckily, Jim knew of a perfect spot to take us. We went on a little family fishing/hiking expedition. The hike was easy enough for a two-year-old and nine-month-pregnant lady to do, and the final destination was a BEAUTIFUL waterfall! I'm not sure what the place is called, but it's somewhere up in the Owyhee (spelling?) mountains about 10 minutes from our house. I felt pretty lucky to live here when we finished our little adventure.

Within the first few minutes of our hike Jim spotted a lizard. We didn't think lizards lived around here, so it was pretty exciting to spot one (for Jim, not so much for me).

A little stream flowed all along the trail, and when there was ever a bit of a fishing hole, Jim stopped and put his fly in the water. Almost every cast Jim would catch a little trout. None of them were keepers -- all too small -- but Jim sure had fun catching them anyways before releasing them back into the stream. Below is the first catch of the day.

Whenever Jim stopped to fish, Tralee and I explored a little bit.

Before too long we made it to the waterfall. A nice guy offered to take a picture of our family. I wasn't too interested in putting this photo of us on the blog, since I'm looking huge and I'm swollen everywhere (face included). However, I decided to suck it up and share this photo anyways. It was the best one we had of the waterfall, and only one of all of us together.

The picture below makes me laugh. I was playing with my camera and trying to do a "self portrait" with the waterfall in the background. I didn't realize Jim would be in the photo. If you look closely you notice that there's a tiny little fish on the end of his line and he's trying to get my attention and tell me he just caught a fish. I was trying to get a picture of myself so I was ignoring Jim. Anyways, the picture was the end result. It makes me laugh.

This is what I was trying to accomplish in the above photo.

Next are just a few favorites of Tralee. Her favorite thing to do at the waterfall was throw pebbles in the water. After a few minutes she became brave enough to get her feet wet. If we would have let her, she probably would have gone swimming.

I love the picture below. It's just a good 'ol fishin-with-my-dad shot.

Below is the last photo of the day. I think it's my favorite.

This was a family outing I hope to repeat. It was the perfect little hike for our little family. If you're in the area, I highly recomend it.


Amberly said...

what a perfect outing! it's so nice to get outside all together, you're smart to take advantage of the time you have with each other!

Audie said...

What a fun activity to do! I don't think I could get Jared out of the house for a hike. I'd have to trick him and say we were going to watch a hockey game somewhere and then I'll drive to a hiking spot. Hee hee. I can't believe you're having a baby SOON! I feel like a loser friend b/c I've been wanting to get together but we've been out of town, dealing with mold inspections, and other misc. things. If I don't see you before the bambino arrives, I for sure will be there after he comes...with dinner!!! Dinner and some little gifts.

The Kelly Variety said...

I want to go fishing! We've been several times and not ever once caught a fish!

Jim said...

Thanks for sharing your family time with us.


Andrea said...

Leslie, you look beautiful! Can't wait to hear about that baby!