Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Little Monkey. . .

. . . jumping on my bed.

Tralee LOVES to jump on or off anything.

Today while I was doing the dishes in the kitchen I heard Tralee giggling. I followed the giggles until they lead me into our bedroom where I found Tralee happily jumping away on our bed.

"Good," thought I. "I bet our mattress needs some fluffing up a bit." Then I grabbed the camera and took some pictures of my daughter in the midst of her delight.

Nope. I'm not one of those parents who forbids bed jumping.

I did it as a child and still recall the glee I felt hopping away on my mattress. How could I deny my daughter such fun? I mean,

check out this face:

Would you put an end to it?

I didn't think so.

There are other ways I can say "No" to Tralee. For instance, "No playing in the toilet," "No coloring on yourself or the furniture" (still working on that one, as you can tell from her blue hands in the pictures), or "No running away from Mommy at the grocery store." BUT "No jumping on the bed" is something I will never say.


Won't do it.

So if yours is a house where bed jumping is not allowed. . .

you probably shouldn't invite us over.

I had to put the above picture in because I thought Tralee's face was hilarious! Gravity sure is unkind, even to a toddler! :)


Boom said...

Love it! And you! Thanks for sharing! Good thing your old mattress was a hand me down!

Necha said...

We totally love jumping on the bed too! I even do it sometimes!! I agree! Why spoil the fun!

Joni said...

She is sooo cute! I wanna come over and jump with her.

The Kelly Variety said...

Shhh. . .here is a little secret, I must say NO to bed jumping. . .My Mom did, her Mom did, her Mom's Mom did, and her Mom's Mom's Mother did, but I really don't mind.

Her face was pretty happy!

Stephen & Kendra said...

I love your artistic photos. You are so good at them. It was fun to talk to you today. FYI, in your present, I did buy you an outfit, but the others are new outfits that Preston didn't get a chance to wear. Hope that's okay. Have a great shower.

JoAnn said...

Hey, we have that same exact quilt on our bed, DId you get it at Debi's? ME TOOOO Isn't she great

Audie said...

I love the blue all over her hands. I'm back in town. We need to catch up!!