Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tired Girl

Tralee had a busy day today.

First we woke up, got ready, and played outside for a while. Then Tralee and I got in the car and headed off to Toys R Us. They were having a Nickelodeon scavenger hunt thing for the kids. I was a little skeptical about going because the last special kids day they had (for the Little People's 50th anniversary) was kind of lame-o. Today's experience was much better.

When we got to the store we found the start table where they handed Tralee and I (Jim was working) a page to color, some coupons, and a little scavenger hunt booklet. The booklet had some clues on where to go in the store to find the stickers you needed to get your prize. It was pretty easy, and Tralee and I had fun wandering around the store looking at all of the toys. At each sticker station Tralee wanted to put the sticker on herself or kitty (her constant companion), instead of in the booklet. I knew I probably shouldn't have, but usually I let Tralee take one sticker for herself and one for the booklet. Besides, where' s the fun in following the rules exactly?

After we found all three sticker stations, Tralee and I headed towards the prize table, turned in our book, and got our little goody bag. In the bag were some little sample toys, a magnet, more coupons for the sample toys, a Sponge Bob sucker with slime and sugar dip (every kids dream, every mother's nightmare), and a dollar off coupon for ANYTHING in the store. I led Tralee over to the candy and let her pick ANYTHING she wanted. She picked a Push Pop that was exactly $1. Good girl. We checked out, I owed nothing, Tralee carried her little goody bag to the car while happily sucking on her push pop, and we headed towards home. Mission accomplished.

Jim was done working about an hour after Tralee and I returned from our Toys R Us adventure, and after some lunch, the three of us went outside to play again. I left to get some groceries, and when I came home Jim and Tralee were outside once more. Jim was teaching Tralee how to golf (which was SUPER cute).

While I was making dinner Tralee totally zonked out from her busy day. That was around 6pm. She's been out -- we're talking O-U-T since then, and I don't think there's any hope to revive her until she's rested up a bit.

What will probably end up happening is Tralee will wake up at 4AM and be rip-rearin' to go. Oh well. We'll deal with it then.

Until next time. . .


Joni said...

Oh, that all sounds like so much fun!! You guys are fun parents. And i would've loved to see that golf lesson. :)

Mary Ann Carlile said...

I want to see those golf lessons too! Hope you are hanging in there Leslie - isn' this last month the best?! I'm a bad liar - I want this kid OUT!

Boom said...

Great Post! Thanks! I'm sure Dad is thrilled about the golf lesson!

Jim said...

Best chance for a scholarship is womens golf. All she has to do is shoot a 42 for nine.

Jim I think you can accomplish that - your a great teacher.