Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I went to the doctor yesterday morning while Jim stayed behind and watched Tralee. There's no news on the baby, he's still cooking. However, when I called Jim after my appointment he shared the following story with me about Tralee.

While Jim was talking on the phone with his mom, Tralee came running up to him. She started tugging on his clothes and wanting to be picked up while exclaiming, "Fove! Fove! Fove!!" (this is how Tralee says love). Jim wasn't sure what she wanted until he picked her up. As soon as he did, Tralee gave him a giant hug, laid her head on his shoulder, and said "Oh, fove!" Then she started tickling her daddy's neck and snuggling up to him. Jim said it was so cute and adorable he couldn't help but laugh, which made Trish (his mom) laugh, and me laugh when I heard about it.

I'm sure glad our daughter knows she can go to her daddy if she's ever in need of some love.

Hearing this story melted my heart, and don't tell him I told you (he's trying to keep up the nothing-can-break-through-my-super-tough-and-manly-exterior act), but Jim said it melted his heart too.


Mary Ann Carlile said...

Oh, and it melted mine too and I haven't even met her yet!
Hang in there with the "baking"...will it ever end?!

Cassi said...

How cute...Are you so ready for little boy :) Good luck and hope to hear from you soon. I still have clothes for you!

Necha said...

ahhhhhwww! That is precious!

Aunt Debi said...

I don't think I have ever seen Jim's tough guy exterior. I've always thought he was goof like the rest of us. I guess he had to get somewhat responsible when you got married. You are both such darling parents. Soon Tralee will have her little brother to add to her nursery class, teach songs and read stories too. She has plenty of Fove to go around.

Joey Clements said...

That is so sweet! What a cute girl!