Monday, May 4, 2009

Don't Worry. . .

I'm still utterly and completley pregnant.

My mom has been staying busy since she flew in on Friday night. She's mopped my floors, cleaned my kitchen, played with Tralee, took me shopping, organized our shoes, babysat while Jim and I went out for a date night on Saturday (and she and my dad supplied the date night moola -- AWESOME!), cooked, and more. It's great having her here to help. I only wish I could have this baby soon so she could help me out AFTER he arrives.

We've tried walking, hiking, driving over bumpy roads, and a few other things to help this baby boy along. Today we're going to cut up a pineapple (I read that can help induce labor. . . worth a shot), drink some raspberry leaf tea, and walk some more. I go in tomorrow for my final appointment before D-Day.

When Jim and I were out on Saturday night we saw one of the doctors that works at the practice I go to. He was out with his family, and so Jim and I stopped to say "hi." When we lived in Caldwell this doctor was in our stake, and is a really nice guy. He asked which doctor I was seeing on Tuesday and he told me to tell him, "INDUCE ME!!!!!!!" So, that's the plan. Unfortunately the doctor I'm going to see is notorious for NOT inducing. Although, he was my doctor with Tralee and he induced me over a week early with her. I'm hoping he works with me. I'm willing to break out the big guns and cry if necessary. It won't be fake crying either if he says he won't induce.

In other news, Tralee has been breaking out in hives. They come and go on different parts of her body. They don't seem to bother her, but I wish they would go away. I don't like seeing a rash on my daughter. It worries me. My mom stayed home with Tralee yesterday due to this rash while Jim and I went to church. It was odd going without Tralee. Jim and I actually got to listen to the testimonies instead of entertain a two-year-old. Weird.

We went on the waterfall hike after dinner yesterday. It was good to get out of the house, and we were hoping the hike would put me in labor. No dice. Humph. The good news is I took some cute pictures of our hiking adventures with Grammy Char-Char.

One more thing, Grammy Char-Char leaves this Sunday, so if you could send some labor-inducing thoughts my direction we would all really appreciate it. We're ready to meet our son/grandson/brother.

Hope all is well in your world.


Meagan said...

So, my mother took castor oil with Nikki, may want to consider how close you live to the hospital with that one. Nikki was born in the emergency room. Maybe call her before you try that route. Otherwise, congratulations! I am excited for you and hope all goes well and comes soon.

Hannah S said...

Oh, I love your mom! So will you have any help once he does come?
I didn't like be induced either but it sure made things go a lot faster for me. But that's not always the case w/everyone.

Tralee is a cutie, I especially like the magazine and sleeping shots.
I like the photo w/Jim in the background. It told so much.
You look fantastic, water retention and all. Good luck this week :)

Joey Clements said...

I've been thinking about you all weekend. I hope you go into labor soon before your mom leaves. Please call me if there is anything I can do to help after your mom leaves. I really mean that, if you need a nap or cleaning, call me and I can come over and help out. You look adorable by the way. =)

J and L said...

Yes, I did use castor oil after walking all over town the end of December. I walked miles and it didn't do anything. The oil wasn't bad and I was in labor with a couple hours. My mistake was living 2 hours away from the hospital with a mountain pass in between me and my doctor and thick London-type fog all the way there. I definitely recommend it. The first tsp went down easy and the second I had to force down. It was worth it though. Whatever you do happy pushing and good luck with everything. You will be in our prayers. Say Hi to your mom.

MattJulieGavin said...

GOOD LUCK! I hope the doctor realizes your need to being induced and allows it. at least you are looking beautiful during your last days of being preggers. :) can't wait for the next few posts...i'm eagerly awaiting the arrival as well (probably not quite as much as you though).

Necha said...

I have no advice for you. I have never tried to get a baby out...just keep them in! :) Let us know because we are excited!!! yay!

Jim said...

Great post Leslie.

Say hello to your Mom for me. When I attempt to call her I always lose the signal.

I think your aunt L has a great idea with the caster oil - give it a try!


kimmalee said...

Such adorable pictures of your little family. You look GREAT! I'm sure you don't feel at the top of your game right this minute but if it helps at all, you look great. Good luck. I got mad on my due date and drank 5 cups of raspberry leaf tea, took 8 red raspberry leaf tablets, took a 2 and a half hour walk. I know the feeling. Hang in there!