Saturday, May 16, 2009

Doing Better

Hunter's bilirubin levels have gone down, and he gained 3 ounces, which means -- HOORAY! The doctor wants him on the bili-blanket for one more day, then he's free to pick up and hold whenever we desire to do so.

I realized yesterday that Hunter is already a week old. It went by SUPER fast! Crazy.

Jim was out of town for work on Thursday and Friday. I was a little worried about having two munchkins to deal with all by myself, but figured now was as good a time as any to dive right in to being a mother of two.

Thursday was the roughest day. Tralee was acting up quite a bit. She went to time-out a lot. First for coloring on our chair. Then for coming out of time out and coloring on our chair some more. I printed out some kitties for her to color on paper, which she did very well. Then she decided to color on our refrigerator. I made her scrub off the crayon by herself. When I was cooking dinner Tralee climbed up on the table and started throwing everything off of it. When I told her to stop, she gave me a what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it-look and kept on chucking things off the table. I sent her to time out for disobeying, and then made her clean up her mess. In case anyone is thinking I was too rough on her, don't be mistaken. I made sure she and I had lots of fun mommy-and-me time while Hunter slept. I gave her good attention as well, and praised her when she did good things. It just seems like that wasn't quite enough to satisfy Tralee.

Friday went SOOOOO much better. Tralee was an angel in comparison to Thursday. She didn't go to time-out at all. I had to give her some warnings, but she stopped acting up the first time I asked. LOTS of praise was given when she obeyed. Tralee also figured out that while I'm nursing Hunter, she's more than welcome to come sit by me and get snuggled with my free arm. I think she thought she wasn't allowed near me while Hunter was eating.

Jim came home last night, and we decided to go to a little beach area today and let Tralee play in the sand for an hour or so. We'll make it a family affair. It will be Hunter's first official outing that doesn't include doctor visits. The beach is right down the road, so hopefully it will all work out.

That's all folks!
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Stephen & Kendra said...

Katelyn had to use a biliblanket too and I thought it was the worst thing that could have ever happened. I bawled and bawled. Now it kind of makes me laugh because out of all the bad things that could happen, this is easily treatable. It sounds like you are doing well, let me know if you need anything.

Audie said...

Jovie was a stinker for a long time after we brought Oakley home. She's still a stinker and Oakley is now 13 months old. Some of it is adjusting to a new baby and some of it is just age. She'll grow out of it but then get right back into it!!

JoAnn said...

the adventures of motherhood, aren't they grand? Hunter is adorable congrats!! You are doing a great job. One thing that helped John alot to adjust was everytime i fed Jayla I would have him get me some books and we would read books together while I was feeding Jayla, that way he felt like he was the one getting on the attention, but the older sibblings will always have their moments.

Hannah S said...

Ohhhh, these terrible drama two's is killing me. No, you are not harsh. Not at all!

I can't believe you had the kids alone while Jim was gone within the first week!!!! You're strong!