Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glow Baby Glow

I took Hunter in for his first doctor's appointment yesterday. The results? His bilirubin numbers were too high. The doctor called the nice people at Norco and they delivered a bili-blanket to our -house last night. Hunter must be on it as much as possible, and has to have skin-to-blanket contact. So, he's lounging around in a diaper, socks, and hat. He gets to leave the bili-blanket to eat and get changed. I take him back to the doctor tomorrow to have his numbers checked again. Hopefully they will have improved.

Hunter also needs to gain some weight. He lost about a pound since he was born. The jaundice doesn't leave him with much of an appetite, and he mostly just wants to sleep. So, we're working on making sure he finishes his meals before dozing off. Plus, my milk has come in now (sorry if that's TMI), so he's getting more to eat. Hopefully.

I have to laugh at my mom. After he was born she said to me, "I think he could fit into some of the outfits I brought him!" They were all 6 to 9 months. He's drowning in the 0 to 3's right now. He only has a few newborn outfits, because I thought he would be way to big to fit into any of them. Oh well. If he's anything like Tralee, soon enough he'll be in the 6 to 9's and we won't know what happened to our tiny little infant. I guess the whole clothing thing doesn't matter much right now since he needs to be as naked as possible on his glowing bed.

Other than our little glow-worm of a son, things are going okay around here. Jim and I are tired, but that's to be expected. Tralee's adjusting well to her little brother. She loves him most of the time and can't wait to hold him. However, she really struggles if she's tired and I'm nursing. She wants Mommy all to herself at bedtime. The other day she tried to take Hunter away from his "feeding device" by grabbing his head and pulling at it. She was quickly informed that that behavior was not okay. Today Tralee decided to dive off the couch and into my arms while I was feeding Hunter on a near by chair. I was caught off guard, but managed to take the brunt of the blow. Luckily Hunter is still in one piece. I'm trying hard to give Tralee attention when Hunter is sleeping. We've done some crafts, read stories, watched movies, cooked, snuggled, etc. However, I've noticed Tralee acting a little more stinkerish than usual. Hopefully that will pass when we've gotten into more of a routine. I also hope we all come out of this experience in one piece.

I'll leave you with this picture of Tralee wearing her Grandma Tricia's wig. Doesn't she look like one of those creepy pageant kids? Hear this now:

I VOW to NEVER put Tralee in a beauty pageant.

That's all for now.


Amberly said...

the pic with his little hand up by his cheek is so precious! I love his cozy blanket... I mean, what else does the little guy have to do but be cozy and eat occasionally?? what a life!

kimmalee said...

I'm with Amberly, love the picture with his hand squishing his little cheek. Great pictures of your little ones. Glad things are going well for the most part. Good luck defending Hunter as the days go on. Sounds like Tralee likes to play rough.

Necha said...

You are the best mommy ever! And you and Jim make some dang cute babies!

Hannah S said...

He's still a tiny little cutie. Joc had jaundice too. I felt so disconnected from her. It was harder, emotionally, than I thought it could be. Hang in there!
Tralee's jealousy will go away soon...hopefully. It may last until he's old enough to play. But the baby's growth is most important right now so I think sometimes she needs to learn to play alone. (which is hard on both of you). Do you have family nearby that can take for an afternoon several times a week?