Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tralee's Been Busy and I've Been Sleepy

Tralee has been a busy girl the last few days. Some of her latest and greatest accomplishments have included:

Raiding the pantry
Falling into the shower, fully clothed (this one was a big surprise for Mom -- who was IN the shower).
Doing a funny little dance while jabbering and being cute.

That's all for now. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. We went to a Boise Burn game (a post of that soon to come), and when I got home I still had to do all of my Primary stuff for Sunday. I didn't go to bed until after 1:00 AM. Tralee decided to wake up shortly after that, and I couldn't fall back asleep if my life depended on it. I feel a little like a zombie. I tried napping after church while Tralee was napping, but my mind wouldn't stop racing. There's nothing stressing me out that I can think of. My mind isn't racing with negative thoughts. Most of my thoughts have included the Twilight series and what's going to happen next, the Uglies series and what's going to happen next, and a little project I've been working on and what's going to happen next with that. Silly me. I'm so easily excitable. If you have any suggestions for getting to sleep while your mind is overactive, please pass on the info.

Oh -- before I forget -- congrats to my brother and his wife for getting an offer on their condo. That things been on the market forever! HOORAY!! Hopefully everything will work out.

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Hannah S said...

I love the Uglies series. Are you on goodreads? You should be....That shower photo is great.