Monday, May 26, 2008

Boise Burn Game

Jim, Tralee, and I went to a Boise Burn game on Saturday night. Jim's cousin Jared Jacobs lives in Boise, and is able to get us tickets for certain sporting events, as he works with the sports arena in Boise. I really don't know the all the details, but sure appreciate the free tickets.

Sometimes Jim just goes and hangs out with his cousin, but this Saturday was Jared's birthday, and Jim told me his wife and daughters would be there, so I thought it would make for a fun family outing. I'm glad we all went. It was a fun night out of the house.

When we first arrived, Tralee was sleeping so we put her in her stroller, and met up with Jared. He took us up to the VIP lounge (I know, only the best for us), where we hung out most of the night. Tralee slept for the first hour or so, while the rest of us played a bubble hockey game. Ok, I'll be honest, I think I played one or two games before Jim and Jared took over. They really get into this thing. Plus Tralee woke up, so I watched her until Audie arrived with her little girls. Jared and Audie have a cute two-year-old named Jovie and a newborn named Oakley. Jovie and Tralee had fun running around. Every time Tralee spotted Jovie she started clapping. I think she needs to hang out with more kids her age. She got so excited to see someone her size. Here's a video Tralee chasing Jovie around a pillar-thing. Jovie looks more into it than Tralee, but Tralee was having fun too.

I had a lot of fun talking with Audie. I spend most of my days alone with Tralee, so whenever I'm around adults it's like an explosion of thoughts pour out of my mouth. When Jim was out-of-town last week I was really hurting for some adult conversation. When I went to the Primary Teacher Appreciation BBQ I think I talked way too much. I hope the people there didn't think I was crazy. It's funny that all I end up talking about is Tralee, even though I'm starved for adult interaction. Audie and I talked about our kids of course, but also discovered we were equally obsessed with the Twilight series. It was fun to speculate what's to come with our Bella and Edward. We only have to wait until August to find out. :)

After half-time we decided to go watch the game in the arena. Tralee heard people cheering in the VIP lounge, so every once in a while she would clap too. I was excited to see her reaction when we went into the football arena and she could see where all the noise was coming from. Tralee LOVED it! Her eyes were huge as she took all the sights and sounds in. When people cheered, she cheered. When music blasted she danced. She kept smiling and laughing. It was really fun to watch her. In fact, I think I watched her more than the game. I do know that the Burn lost. The final score was 40-46. Here's a video of Tralee and Jovie cheering for the Burn.

It was a fun Saturday night.

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Jim said...

This family is short on sports fans. It looks like Tralee may be a future candidate?