Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just the Norm

It's been pretty much the norm around here. Nothing exciting to report. I have managed to put a bit more love into our meals lately, to Jim's delight. Tralee has now decided that she wants to go down the stairs like a big girl. I think she came to this conclusion when we were at some of our friends' in the ward house. They have a little girl a bit older than Tralee, and she was going down the stairs, while holding onto the handrail. Tralee had been taking the stairs on her tummy, so seeing someone her size going down like an adult must have been appealing. Since then, Tralee wants to walk down the stairs. The first few shaky times she liked to hold onto our hands, but she's too cool for that now. She uses the wall for support, and only requires our help on occasion.

What a big girl!!

Jim has now joined a Hockey League. Tonight was his first game, and I have yet to hear how it went. I told him before he left that I want him to come home with his teeth still attached to his head. I'm sorry, but even in my heart-of-hearts I just don't find toothless men sexy. I'm also not quite ready to add denture application to my shopping list. I am excited to see if Jim had fun. He admitted that it's been a LONG time since he's played hockey. But, Jim's the kind of person that picks things up like that. Since we've been married we've learned to snowboard and wake board together. I still suck at both, while Jim was doing tricks and jumps his first time around. Don't these kind of people drive you a little crazy? And, if you are one of these people (I know a few who read my blog) -- You kind of drive me crazy, but I still love you.

Since Jim was playing hockey, I took Tralee to my Primary Presidency meeting tonight. She did rather well running around and playing with the toys I brought. I was very proud of her. I put together a new calendar/newsletter for the adults in Primary. I think the other members of the presidency appreciated my efforts, and that always feels nice to know that you did a good thing. I'm excited to see if the newsletter helps the teachers, and I had fun putting it together. Although my new calling is a bit overwhelming at times, I enjoy every minute I'm doing it. I know I have help and inspiration coming from above.

Here are some pictures we took from Monday night at the Burk's. Here is Tralee and Brinley playing together. They're only a week apart in age, but Tralee towers over Brinley. I feel for her already. I was ALWAYS the tallest girl in class. I was ALWAYS on the top row for school pictures, and I ALWAYS felt a little awkward with my tallness. Now I love it, and I hope to have Tralee embrace the height God gave her.

Future pianists?

Tralee's a very musical girl. She LOVES to dance, listen to tunes, and she has good rhythm. I have high hopes for her in the music department. . . that is if she wants to.

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Hannah S said...

I was always the tallest too! Still am!

Meagan said...

I think you are lucky to be tall, espcially with your long pretty legs. I have always been envious!

Meagan said...

wait a second...Grandma already knew? Mom must have told on me. Oh well, we are very excited.

Jim said...


Be happy for the tallness. With your genes for the height and Jim's genes for the basketball, you could possibly have a scholarship for college.