Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So So Good

Did anyone else think the American Idol finale was as good as I did? I genuinely loved all the performances. Usually Jim and I DVR American Idol and fast forward through the parts we don't want to watch. I watched almost all of it tonight with a big 'ol smile on my face and wished I could be there.

I'm happy with the results too. I would have been happy either way though, as both David's had remarkable talent. I just think that David Cook was more original, took more risks, and it seemed to pay out in the end. However, I did feel bad that "Archie" didn't win. He's so cute! I'm sure they'll both be successful in the end.

That's my two bits on the subject. Now what am I supposed to do with my Tuesday and Wednesday nights? Good thing I just got a new book from today. I started reading Uglies earlier today while Tralee was napping. It's pretty good so far.

So there you go.

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*Abby* said...

How are you liking the Uglies? I read the trilogy last fall, and haven't talked to anyone else who's read it, so I am interested to know what you think!