Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Watching Iron Chef

The title is for lack of a creative idea. It's really just what I'm doing right now. Boring, I know. I'm getting hungry as I watch. I've been horrid in the kitchen lately. I have not been motivated to cook. Poor Jim. Instead of coming home to the scents of a fresh homemade dinner, he comes home to me sheepishly stating that there's nothing to eat. I try to scrounge something up, but the meals have been lackluster to say the least. Maybe watching Iron Chef will get me motivated to cook an exceptional dinner tomorrow night.

I didn't have to worry about cooking anything for dinner last night. We went to Jim's Aunt Michelle's house for family night. However, our tin-foil dinner plan got rained upon, so The Burks ordered pizza instead. I met Jim there as he and Uncle Roman went golfing first. We played games after eating a sufficient amount of pizza. I enjoyed playing games with the Burks, but Tralee got more and more fussy as time ticked away. I finally threw in the towel, and decided to take Tralee home. She was grateful, and fell asleep on the way home.

An install Jim was going to work on today got pushed back, so he went golfing instead. Don't you feel sorry for him? Poor guy gets to go golfing all the time! He always tells me how much he appreciates the fact that I support and encourage him to play golf. He tells me about wives who get furious when their man wants to go golfing. My feeling on the topic is this: He works really hard most days. So, why not let him blow off a little steam and have fun with a round of golf? He's so much more happy and grateful to come home after practicing his golf skills. ALSO, I know if I said, "Honey, I really need you to come help me out, instead of golfing." Jim would cancel his plans and drive right home. He's a good man that way. I love him.

I went visiting teaching today. I like my companion, she's a good egg. I also like the women we visit teach. It's always nice to get out of the house and visit with adults. Jim was home when I left to visit teach, so I left Tralee here. It was nice to visit with women, and not have to chase Tralee around simultaneously.

I'm sleepy now, and they're down to the judgments on Iron Chef. I want to see who wins.

Nighty night night.

I managed to cook a delightful non-boring meal Wednesday night. We had pasta with broccoli and scallops with a seafood garlic sauce. Very tasty!


Audie said...

Your page is cute! I wish I was as nice about the golf thing as you are. But Jared goes golfing and plays hockey. What do I get to do? Well, on December 12th, I know what I'll be doing!

Hannah S said...

We love iron chef! Not boring at all. Tyler loves to golf too. It is a great outlet, better than gaming, in my opinion.