Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Temple Day

Jim shifted his schedule around so we could go to the temple today. That's defiantly a perk for the self-employed. He's been swamped with work lately, and although we've been planning to go to the temple for awhile, we just never found the time. Jim finally made the decision for us. Today was the day!

Grandma Tricia agreed to watch Tralee for us, and we took her over to Grandma's house around noon. After dropping Tralee off, Jim and I decided to grab a bite to eat first. It's been a while since we've eaten out without Tralee. I have to say, it was very nice not having to contain a busy one-year-old who wants to do ANYTHING except sit still at a dinner table. Jim and I were actually able to have a conversation that lasted longer than thirty seconds. I was actually able to eat all of my food before it went completely cold. Lunch was a treat!

When we arrived at the temple, we gathered our things and I realized something very bad: I left my wallet (that contained my recommend) at Tricia's! We called Tricia's house and she confirmed that my wallet was sitting on her kitchen counter. YIKES! It seemed like our carefully planned temple trip would have to be postponed. . . AGAIN. However just when our hopes were all but diminished, Tricia's husband Jeff--a temple worker--explained that we should still be able to get in with a little effort. Jim and I went into the temple and explained our predicament to the worker at the reception desk. He called another worker to come help us out. This man made some phone calls, and luckily got a hold of a member of our stake presidency. After a few tense minutes and some more explanation I was cleared to go in. PHEW!! That saved me a LOT of grief.

Jim and I did a session and it was great! It felt really good to go to the temple after so long. It was also nice to spend some quality time with Jim.

Tralee had a busy day with Grandma while we were gone. At first, as always, she cried. . . and cried. . . and cried when we left. She cried herself to sleep, and then slept for two hours. Grandma said she was just fine when she woke up, and ate a lot of Grandma's homemade applesauce among other things. After chowing down, Tralee played outside in the Larson's garden. She jumped on the trampoline, and then played in the yard while Grandma and Grandpa worked. Tricia said she turned around for a minute, and when she looked for Tralee she found her sitting in the middle of the muddy strawberry patch, playing with the sprinkler that was on. Tralee got a bath after that, while her clothes were put in the washer. When I arrived to pick Tralee up she was running around in her diaper, just as happy as could be. The girl loves to be naked!

So, the day was a success. Hooray!


Jim said...

Good for you for going to the Temple.

Also glad to hear that Jim is so busy.


The Shaffer's said...

Isn't that how it always happens...We try to do something good and Satan always throws up a few road blocks. Sounds like you cleared the hurdle. We'll have to hit the temple together sometime.

Boom said...

Congratulations! Happy to hear Tricia copes with the crying ... and Tralee came out of it!

Sam and Lacey said...

I've got to tell you that I'm a little jealous to hear that you are living in Boise. Don't get me wrong, I love KC, but Boise is my home town!

I'm excited to be able to snoop around on your blog and see what you and Jim have been up to. Your little girl is adorable. How do you pronounce her name? TRAY-lee? Trah-LEE?

Hannah S said...

I'm glad you were able to get away! And yay for grandma's! What a fun date!