Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Tired Her Out

Yesterday I was wondering why I haven't taken Tralee to the Y for the last few weeks. She loves to play in the water and I always have fun watching her play in YMCA's pool. I really don't know why I haven't taken her lately, and decided we better go today. So, after I did a bit of housework, Tralee and I drove to the Y and played in the water.

As I've mentioned before, Tralee has no fear. She doesn't want me to hold onto her at all. She wants to be totally dependent and be in the water all by herself. This is all okay, until Tralee decides to walk towards the deep end. So, I decided I might as well let her figure out why I'm always holding onto her in the water. I let her walk until the water got too deep, and then quickly picked her up as soon as she realized she was literally "in too deep." Then I explained, "That's why Mommy holds onto you, so that you don't drown." I don't know if she understood completely, but she stayed towards the shallow end the rest of the time.

Tralee had fun playing in the water, and I had fun watching her. She's so dang cute! This was the first swimming trip to the Y that Tralee had fun playing with the fountains. She also had fun playing with a YMCA ball a little girl gave her. Tralee has learned how to throw, and had a blast throwing and chasing the ball around the pool. It was fun to watch. We also did several laps around the lazy river. It was fun. Then Tralee looked at me and did the sign for "Done." So, we came home.

We got home at dinner time. Tralee was super tired from swimming, but I wanted her to eat before falling asleep. So, she managed to take a few bites of dinner. The whole time Tralee ate she was super fussy. I finally gave up, and put Tralee to bed. She was out as soon as her little head hit the bed. Poor thing, she was pooped from all the fun we had today.

The only thing I'm worried about, is the fact that she went to bed a little on the early side. She might wake up a little on the early side, which won't be fun for Mom. Oh well.

I took this picture underwater, looking up at Tralee. So, it's all distorted, yet kind of cool looking.


Jim said...

Cute Cute Cute,

Do you have to diaper her in the pool?


Leslie said...

She wears swim diapers.

Necha said...

So cute! She is getting bigger! That looks like a fun pool! I wish they had swimming pools like that around here!!!

Jim said...

Thanks for the updates! Oh and Happy Belated Anniversary! Sorry I didn't call you.