Saturday, May 31, 2008

Temple Day Number Two

Jim and I went to the temple today -- two times in one month!! I can't believe it. I hear of couples going to the temple once a week. Good for them. I'll be honest, we struggle getting there once a month. So. . . two times this month is good for us. Jim's Aunt and Uncle are temple workers, and were there today. It was nice to see them, but I had a semi-awkward moment with Jim's aunt. I thought she was moving in for a hug, when she was just moving something out of the way for me. I went in for the hug right as I realized she was just trying to move something. . . AWKWARD!! Oh well. The temple was nice, there were a few couples from our ward there.

Grandma Tricia and Grandpa Jeff watched Tralee for us again. She only cried for five minutes, then she played outside until nap time. At nap time Grandma put Tralee in bed, handed her her Elmo doll, said "night night," and Tralee was snoozing in five minutes! Good girl. She never goes down that easy for me. Why is that? I guess she figures she can get away with it, because I give into her crying way to often. I need to work on that. Naughty Mommy! It's just that she's oh-so-snuggly and cute when I lift her out of her crib. But, I'm afraid doing this has created a bad habit. A habit that needs to be broken. Especially because now I KNOW for sure that Tralee is just toying with me. She goes to sleep SO WELL for others, but when I'm around she's a stinker. It's time for me to toughen up, and let Tralee know I mean business at bedtime. It's not too late to create a good sleeper. She already is a good sleeper, just not for me. I think this is one of those things that's harder for the Mommy than it is for the baby. I'm such a wuss! Well, wuss no more! Tonight I'm going to stick to the bedroom routine I've been veering away from. Hopefully it will go as smoothly with me, as it did with Grandma Tricia.

Tralee and I are going back to Grandma Tricia's for dinner. She's hosting a BBQ. Jim might pop in towards the end of it, but he's golfing with his cousin and his cousin's dad who is in town from Canada. I need to print out my Primary stuff also. So, I don't think I'll be hanging out at Tricia and Jeff's for very long.

All and all, today's been pretty good.

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Meagan said...

Way to be strong! Just the last couple of days Brooklyn has started really fighting going to bed. She refuses to give bedtime kisses, because that means she is giving into bedtime. It usually isn't that difficult for me either except she now yells Mama. That sound can really try the greatest resolve. Good luck, and after a week or so, she'll probably be fine.