Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We have a new friend around here.  His name is Rascal.  Rascal likes to break the rules and make messes.  For some reason, whenever Rascal breaks the rules, Hunter is close by.  I keep wondering why Hunter doesn't stop him.  Like, the other day I noticed someone had been cutting with the scissors on the couch, and there were little paper bits EVERYWHERE.  Silly me, I assumed Hunter was the culprit, but when I questioned him on these antics he was quick to let me know, "I didn't do it!"  When I asked Hunter who the Edward Scissor Hands-esque fiend was, he let me know, "Rascal did it."  

Rascal also likes to take food that is REALLY REALLY crumby and eat it in the living room, leaving a nice trail of crumbs in his wake.  At first, when I noticed that Hunter had crumbs all over his face too, I jumped to silly conclusions that Hunter was the little snack hound.  However, upon questioning I was informed that "Rascal did it."

I asked Hunter about Rascal, I wanted to know a little more about his new visitor.  Hunter informed me that Rascal is invisible, but he wears a fox outfit.  He HAS to wear the fox outfit, because his Grandfather makes him.  I asked where Rascal lives, and Hunter said in heaven with his family.  His family members aren't very nice, but his grandfather is.  Rascal isn't very nice either, because he likes to do naughty things, and come into Hunter's room at night and steal toys.  Hunter is also the only one who can tell when Rascal is around.  

Rascal has been getting into a lot of stuff lately, and even made Hunter pee his pants once.  I'm not sure he's the kind of example I want around my kid.  However, I'm proud to say that Hunter has been really good lately, even with his new friend's bad example.  ;)

Having Rascal around has reminded me a lot of this movie.  

In comparison to Fred, I guess Rascal is pretty easy-going.  I really shouldn't complain.  I just hope he leaves soon, or at the very least, starts cleaning up after himself.  I really don't need an extra set of hands to clean up after.

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