Wednesday, January 8, 2014

iPhone Photo Plop: Pre-Christmas

In an effort to catch up on the blog, I'm getting a bit sloppy with my posts.  Instead of eloquently writing anecdotes of our pre-Christmas festivities, I'm just going to plop some pictures from my phone of our days leading up to Christmas.


The day after we put up the tree, I came out in the wee morning hours to find our son sitting under it.  It was magical.  This wasn't the first time I found Hunter in this position admiring the tree.  Melted my heart every time.

Teddy Kidbid Cool made his appearance again this year.

Teddy Kidbid Cool being discovered by Hunter

The next few pictures are from our Church's Christmas Party.  No offense to the guy playing Santa (I'm sure he was a lovely man), but my kids saw right through the costume.  He just didn't have the "shake his belly like a bowlful of jelly" qualities that a Santa needs.  Tralee was like, "I KNOW that Santa was a fake, but I still told him what I wanted, because he's probably friends with the real Santa."

Hunter wasn't quite so sure he wanted to go sit on this strangers lap.

As his mother, I can tell from this picture, and Hunter's stance in it, that he can't wait to jump down from "Santa's" lap.

Tralee and the fake Santa

Hunter singing at our church's Christmas party. . . with his hands down his pants.  Lovely.

Teddy Kidbid and Sparks getting to know each other.

Hunter making a mess right after I cleaned. . . typical.
The next few pics are from Tralee's Christmas Party at school.  Hunter and I tagged along, and helped decorate gingerbread houses.  It was fun.

So, the night before Christmas Eve, I tried my hand at making my Great-Grandma Labiszak's Christmas Krantz.  I was nervous, as whenever I work with yeast, the dough bakes completely flat and hard.  Or it tastes WAY too flour-y.  Well guess what?  Not this time!  It turned out perfectly!  I DID have to make a phone call or two to Nana, to be sure I was doing everything right.  I'm so glad she was just a phone call away to help.

I was so proud of myself, I took this picture to send to my Nana.

This one too.

Lastly, the picture below is of Hunter sleeping on Christmas Eve.  He was the first one to have dreams of sugar plums dance in his head.  The rest of us were up for quite a while. . . too excited to sleep.

Next up, Christmas Cookies!  I'm doing it!  I'm getting caught up!  Yippee!

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