Tuesday, January 7, 2014


So. . . Christmas has come and gone, the New Year is upon us, and I'm blogging about Thanksgiving.  I'm a little behind, can you tell?  That's me.  I'm either totally together and on track, or completely and disastrously behind.  I'm pretty black and white in most aspects of my life.  My house is either sparkling, or call the producers of Hoarders messy.  I either freak out like there's a nuclear bomb headed directly at my house when my kids spill their beverage, or I'm all Glenda the Good Witch giggly about it.  Anywho. . . this last Thanksgiving I was put in charge of bringing jello and a cheese-and-cracker tray to Jim's Aunt's house.  So, in going with the black and white theme of my life, my options (in my head) were to: 

A.  Bring a package of saltines and a loaf of velvet-a to the gathering with a package of generic pre-made Jello to go with it or 

B.  Go overboard and buy seven different kinds of cheese (one made with cranberries), and three cheese-bearing cracker varieties served on an expensive silver plater that I've only used like once or twice, as well as spend the entire day before Thanksgiving prepping rainbow layered gelatin in individual serving cups.

Guess which extreme I was?  Let the pictures below tell you.

Yeah, I might have gone a little overboard.  That's what I do. . . sometimes.  I either get all Martha Stewart-y, or show up to a potluck with a bag of Doritos.  There's really no happy medium in my life.  My poor children and husband never know what to expect from me.  I guess it keeps things pretty exciting around here.

Below are a few more pictures of our Thanksgiving.  As I mentioned, Jim's Aunt hosted all 20-something members of Jim's extended family.  It was a lovely get together, and thanks to my bountiful contributions (as well as all the other lovely people that made delicious food) there was plenty of yumminess to go around. 

Jim's cousins made these cute turkeys to put at everyone's place at the table(s).

Some of the many many many cousins present.
      The End. 

 If I'm feeling totally with it, maybe I can catch up to Christmas before Valentine's Day!

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