Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Decor

Christmas is probably my favorite time of year.  My kids are home with me, we bake and eat yummy food, and spend our days playing games, sipping hot coco, and watching Christmas movies.  It's perfect.  Christmas is also the time of year where I make new crafts, busy myself with anticipation (I usually do this while the kids are still in school), and decorate my house.  Since this was technically our first year in this home for Christmas (we were in HI last year), I wanted some new decor to decorate with, and make our little townhouse feel as festive as if Buddy the Elf were our holiday decorator.  Below are some pictures of decorations.  Again, I realize I'm behind and should have posted these in the midst of all the Christmas excitement, but guess what, good news!  My husband told me in Ireland, they celebrate Christmas-time until January 31st!  So. . . if you think about it, there's actually still almost an entire month left to decorate!  So, there you go.

I decorated this shelf in our entry way with some of my printables found here

I made a knock-off PB peace sign to put by or front door.  Later on, I made eight more smaller ones to give to some friends, neighbors, and teachers.  I could have made more, but ran out of supplies.

Pictured above are those mason jar lanterns.  Tutorial here.  I also made the Christmas deer printable, and put in a frame Jim and I made together.

New printable.

Another new printable
So, my new favorite Christmas decoration, is the Grinch Tralee made at school.  I LOVE this thing, and it made me giggly every time I glanced at it.  I kept imagining the Grinch sneaking around our house, attempting to take all of our Christmas-y things.

Last pic of the Grinch and some more decor.  I did some new glittery trees to put in the kitchen, but never got around to taking a picture of them.  Oh well. . . next year.

The End

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