Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Cookies and Breaking Bones

A few days before Christmas we had some Jacobs cousins over to decorate Christmas cookies for Santa.  My mom always made gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies, so that's what my kids and I made.  When the other Jacobs family came over, we mixed up a few different colors of icing, gathered up whatever sprinkles we had, and let the kids go to work.  

All five Jacobs kids decorating

More decorating

Hunter in his undies. . . per usual

Tralee working on a cookie

Jovie. . . before she broke her arm (story below)



Hunter was more excited to eat the sprinkles than to decorate with them

A BEAUTIFUL creation.  I think this one was either Hunter's, Tralee's, or Oakley's.  

Hunter slurping up the icing.  That boy.  There are no words to describe the crazy things he does, gets into, or messes up.  Well, there are words I could use, but most of them aren't appropriate to say around children.  I love him all the more for it.

After dinner, eating our weight in sugar, and visiting a bit, something quite eventful happened.  I was wiping up sprinkles and visiting with Audie, Jim just got home from work, and was about to eat his  reheated dinner, and the kids were running around.  Whilst said kids were running around, Jovie's foot got stuck in the handle part of Hunter's hippity hop, and she tripped.  The arm she used to catch her fall snapped.  I mean it LITERALLY snapped.  We all heard the bone break.  Poor Joves shouted in pain, and Jim ran to the rescue saying, "Don't worry, I know what to do."  Can I just say how glad I am that Jim is EMT trained!  He never took the test to get certified, but he took the course, and all the info he learned through the program stuck, THANKFULLY, because I'm not so sure Audie and I would have known what to do.  Jim remained calm, took care of Jovie, wrapped and harnessed her arm the best he could with one of my scarves (I tried to help by running to grab things for Jim), while Audie got the rest of her kids ready for a trip to the ER.

To sum up the rest of the story, our night of fun and games came to an abrupt end after the bone-breakage.  Jim and Tralee followed Audie and and her kids to the hospital where they met Jared (he was working that night as well).  Tralee helped out by pushing Jovie in the wheelchair at the hospital, and once Jim made sure Jovie was all checked in, and her family was settled (as settled as can be at the hospital) he and Tralee came home.

We've hung out with the other Jacobs family since this incident, and Jovie has a nice green cast on her arm.  Also, while hanging out, everyone managed to keep their bones together, and injuries were at a minimum.  There probably won't be a Christmas cookie decorating night as eventful as this one.  At least, I hope there won't be.  

Even with the bone breakage, the cookies were delicious -- the gingerbread ones especially.  Santa definitely approved, and probably sent an extra lil' something Jovie's way for breaking an arm while decorating his cookies.  I mean, who would have thought doing such an easy and festive activity would result in such an injury?  The night was memorable for sure.

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