Friday, February 14, 2014

Angry Birds On Ice

A few weeks ago we helped Jim's cousin, Jared, with an idea he had to bring Angry Birds to life. . . on ice.  The result is in a video below.  I kind of feel like it's what you get when you mix crazy Canadians, winter weather, and Angry Birds together.  Both of my chickies are in it, as well as Jim.  I stayed behind the camera, and the whole time I filmed I thought, "This is what happens when you marry a Canadian; you find yourself in odd situations on the ice."  Oh well, the whole experience was fun, and Hunter (our Angry Birds addict) sure thought it was cool.  Jared did a good job putting the whole thing together in the video below:

If you ever feel like dressing like an Angry Bird, and having two dudes on ice fling you into a life-sized Angry Birds structure, I know where you can do it!

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