Thursday, February 27, 2014

Movie Night and Nose Troubles

I use this blog for a few reasons, but the main one is to document my family's life.  So, below are two things I need to document.  The first, Family Movie Night!  Every Friday night, we blow up the air mattress, gather all the pillows, and blankets, pop some corn, and snuggle while watching a movie.  Unless there's some other magnificent event to go to, the kids expect Family Movie Night on Friday night.  Someday they'll want to spend their Friday nights with friends, but for now, they belong to me, and I love it!!

Secondly, a few weeks ago at church, Hunter's Primary leader brought a rather distraught Hunter to me while I was in class, and explained that Hunter got something stuck up his nose.  She told me she couldn't see anything, but he was adamant that something was up there.  Luckily, we've had lots of experience with this little guy plugging up his nose with a plethora of treasures.  I took him to the bathroom, and asked which nostril was lodged with an alien object.  He pointed to the right one, and so I told him to stay calm while I blew air into his left nasal passage.  I blew a few times, then checked for the stow-away.  Sure enough, a foreign object appeared WAY UP in his cavity.  I had the blow a few more times into the opposite nostril until two tiny sandaled feet popped out of the other one.  I tugged on the feet and pulled out a rolled-up sticked of Jesus.  I showed it to Hunter, to which he smiled, and looked ever-so relieved.  He also gave me a huge hug, and thanked me, his hero!  I hugged him back, then reminded Hunter that we don't stick things up our nose, and gently ushered him back to class.  I giggled as I walked back to my own lesson, and thought to myself, "Of all the places to 'find Jesus' at church, I never thought it would be up my four-year-old's nose."  

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