Saturday, December 1, 2012

iphone photo plop

1. My friend Janessa and I trying hats on at an antique/vintage store.
2.  Tralee lost another tooth
3.  I voted!
4.  Tralee had playgroup at our house
5. The kids snuggling Corky
6. The wee ones got their hair cut
7.  Tralee keeps putting her stuffed animal by the dog food, because it's favorite food is dog food.
8.  Family bowling night
9.  Hunter working on his letters
10.  Tralee had to draw a certain number of any item she chose for her homework.  She chose body parts. . . eyes, mouths, hands. . . noses.  The number 18 were her noses.  Jim and I had a good laugh about how her noses look very similar to another body part.
11.  I was room mom during Tralee's Thanksgiving feast at school.  Lil' Turkey!
12.  Being goofy with Stinks
13.  Chihuly glass ceiling in Vegas
14.  Hunter and Brody. . . aren't they cute?

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