Saturday, December 15, 2012

12-11-12 and 12-12-12

Here are some more pics from our adventures in paradise.

Tuesday was spent at the beach, and then exploring this town. We watched the mermaid show (which wasn't much of a show as much as it was a mermaid waving at people for a few minutes - still fun).

We also ran into a guy on the street with a parott on a shoulder, and another on his arm. Next thing I knew Tralee was holding one of them. We ate at Hula Dog which was pretty good. I ate a veggie dog with mango relish, pretty delish!


On 12-12-12 the babes and I walked to the aquarium and saw some sea life. They loved it! We also went to the beach and enjoyed some sunshine and some shaved ice.

 We ended the night snuggling in bed watching Christmas cartoons.

Our days here don't get old. I picked up a real estate magazine while while walking along. A girl can dream, right?

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