Saturday, December 1, 2012

Disney on Ice

A few months ago Tralee came across an ad for Disney on Ice.  She watched over and over and over and over again getting more and more excited as she watched.  She wanted to go SO BAD!  We told her if it came to town, we would be sure to take her.  I checked online and didn't see any performances in our area, and got a little disappointed.  Then, miracle of miracles, I put on the TV (we just have regular free television and hardly ever watch it. . . we're Netflix people) and the first thing I saw was a commercial for Disney on Ice. . . COMING TO OUR TOWN!!!  I think I was just as excited as Tralee!

Here's a commercial for what we couldn't wait to see (one of our favorite parts of the show was the Tangled part. . . especially when her and Flynn Ryder flew through the air on her "hair"  AMAZING!!!):

I didn't wait, but went out the very next day and purchased our Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream tickets at the box office.  We got pretty good seats, and then we just had to wait for it to come to town!

This last Thursday was the day!  Jim and I took the kids out to dinner, and then made our way over to the performance.  The place was packed with lots of little princesses awaiting the magic.  We found our seats, and watched the magic unfold.  I actually had more fun watching Tralee than the show.  She giggled, smiled, clapped, and danced right along with the show.

Here's a video of Tralee at Disney on Ice:

After it was over, Tralee kept saying, "Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for making sure I could go to this!!"  Thank you!!"  Jim and I beamed with how grateful and appreciative Tralee was.  Hunter was asleep at this point, but seemed to enjoy the show up until his snooze.

Overall our Disney on Ice experience was totally worth every penny!  I hope things like this keep heading in our direction!!

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