Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday 12-17-12

Last Monday was pretty laid back. We had to wait for the cable guy to come fix the cable. We didn't have tv up until that point. It wasn't really missed since we don't have tv at home either and we spend the majority of our days here outside, but once it was up and running it was easy to get sucked in. In fact one of the first channels I switched to was showing Singin' in the Rain. My plans to do the laundry were put on hold until after the kids and I sang and danced along with Gene Kelly, Donald O'Conner, and Debbie Reynolds to the likes of "Good Morning," "Singin' in the Rain," "Fit as a Fiddle," and "Broadway Melody." I have a video of each of my kids copying the tap dancing moves of some of the greats, but it wouldn't upload from my phone, so I'll add it later. Also, it was raining that morning so watching Singin' in the Rain was pretty apropos.

After the closing credits, the kids and I did the laundry, worked on Tralee's school work that was sent with her, and waited for the rain to stop. I'm not gonna lie, it was nice to have a kagillion channels to flip through on a rainy day. I had already finished my latest read (Reached from the Matched trilogy) and had plans to start Divergent, but HGTV and The Food Network sucked me in. I could only have those two channels and be completely happy, but I'd probably watch way too much TV. Anyway, I kind of got off topic. Where was I? Ah yes. . .

The rain finally stopped late afternoon, and with the laundry and school work done, and the cabin fever officially setting in, the kids and I ventured out onto the streets of Waikiki. We browsed some shops, checked out the beach, and stopped for cookies at a local bakery.
When the wee ones complained about their legs getting tired, we came back to our "Hawaii House" as the kids call it, and waited for Jim to get home from work.

Monday was pretty laid back, but kind of nice. Rainy days are great, even in paradise.

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