Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Saturday 12-8-12 Zoo Day

Our apartment is right across from the Honolulu Zoo, so the kids and I decided to check it out on Saturday.

When we arrived I decided to buy an annual family pass so the kids and I could go whenever we wanted, and maybe even take Jim when he's done with work.

I'm glad we got the zoo pass. The Honolulu Zoo isn't the biggest or fanciest zoo we've been to but the grounds are beautiful with lush greenery, and there's a fun playground on the property. It also wasn't too overly crowded, which was nice. There were just enough animals to give us the full zoo experience, and my kids were happy with what they saw.

The biggest Banyan tree I've ever seen greeted us pretty much right through the gates. The wee ones and I decided to stop and play hide-and-seek in the tree's root system before exploring the zoo some more. As we hid and counted to ten, the many birds who call this tree home chirped and peeped hints to us. It was magical.


After our day at the zoo, we crossed the street back to our place and relaxed for a bit. After dark Tralee reminded me that we "didn't even go to the beach" that day. So, on went our flip-flops, and out the door to the beach we went to dip our feet in the water.

There was a band playing at a bar across the street, so the three of us decided to dance. As I moved and swayed with my little lovelies, the three of us marking the sand with our rhythmic steps, I picked Tralee up, held her close, and whispered in her ear, "I want you to always remember this moment." She told me she would and I believed her. I told Hunter the same thing, but I'll have to really hope his three-year-old brain can tuck that memory away for safe keeping.

I know I'll never forget that moment. There was something about being the only three people on that section of beach, having our own private dance party with the ocean as our guest of honor. I don't remember the song that was playing, but I'll always remember Hunter's crazy spin moves, Tralee's graceful hula mimicry, and then coming together, hand-in-hand, to create a dance that was all our own. We were having fun, being free and wild on a dusky beach in Hawaii, and feeling lucky and blessed. Nope, I won't ever forget that moment in the sand.

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Mary Ann Carlile said...

I LOVE that memory! So precious. I want you to know that when I'm freezing my hiney off here in Minnesota, I will jump on your blog and live vicariously, okay?!