Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oahu Days One an Two

Our first full day was spent catching up on sleep, playing at the beach, and getting settled. We took a trip to Costco, bought some food for our apartment, and wandered the streets of Waikiki.

Hunter at Waikiki beach

Tralee dove right in!

Day two was Thursday and was Jim's last day before starting to work 18 days
in a row. We wanted to take full advantage of the weather and our time together as a family. The only problem was Hunter woke up with a bad fever. All he wanted to do was sleep. So Jim and I took shifts staying in the room while the other parent ventured to the streets and/or beach with Tralee.
Poor little dude was not feeling well.
Later in the afternoon Hunter woke up and seemed to be doing better, so we drove out to Makapu'u Beach where Jim's dad (I think) was married and where his lil' sis Cammi also said, "I do" not too long ago. It was a beautiful beach covered in wave-kissed lava rocks. We saw a light house, some pretty nice waves, and brave surfers ignoring the "no swimming" and "strong current" signs. Tralee would have dove in if we let her. We let her get her feet wet, but much to her dismay, that was it. Hunter started feeling sick while we were there, so we left soon after we arrived. Poor lil' dude fell asleep as soon as he was back in the car.

On the drive home, we stopped to check out a blowhole, and cool scenic overlook. Both were gorgeous. When we got back to our apartment, Hunter went right back to sleep while the rest of us watched Elf , and hoped and prayed that everyone would be healthy the rest of our time in paradise.

He just wanted his mommy to snuggle him.  I felt so bad for him.  I'm so happy he's better now!!

More to soon to come. . .

Our Elf on the Shelf arrived in Hawaii the same time we did.  The kids named him Teddy Kidbid Cool.  He goes by Kidbid or Teddy and his keeping his eye on us while in Hawaii.



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