Friday, March 30, 2012

First Lost Tooth and Tooth Fairy Visit

The other night we were eating dinner when Tralee looked at me with a puzzled expression and said, "Mom, there's something wrong."  Her finger was in her mouth, so I figured a piece of hair got in there while she was eating.  When I looked in her mouth I was surprised to find Tralee had her FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!  It wasn't just a little loose, it was about-to-fall-out-loose.  I was not prepared for this!   Not only did I think this wouldn't happen until Tralee started school, but there was no indication that this particular tooth had been loose all day!  

I told Tralee not to take another bite until I grabbed the camera.  Good thing she listened, because the very next bite she took, out popped the tooth!

Here's the video:

The last picture I have with all of Tralee's baby teeth still in her mouth.

Her first hole!
Later that night I helped Tralee write a letter to the tooth fairy.  Here it is:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I lost a tooth!  Which kind of animal do you want?  Can you please write me a letter back?  Make sure you have the right dress that I like.  Make sure it’s rainbow.  Sometimes people have to loose a tooth, and my mommy told me you have to be 25 but I’m only FIVE!  Make sure you like to spin.  And make sure you remember my dog Corky.  Do you see me like Santa Clause, or no?  Make sure you do for just a little second.  
Sometimes we loose a tooth, and everyone is so great when they loose a tooth.  My mom was so happy for me.  She screamed when she saw me loose my tooth!  She thought there was hair in my mouth!  Everyone is so great when they loose a tooth.  I just wanted to write that again.  Well, Tooth Fairy, do you have secret password to your kingdom, or no?
Here’s a secret:  Do you like my dad?  Tooth Fairy, I like something from you.  I wonder what kind of tooth fairy you are?  Will you leave $100 or a nickle?  And also, like my dad, and I like you too!

Tralee's tooth fairy wrote a long letter back to Tralee answering all of her questions.  I won't put the whole contents of the letter here, but I'll give you some details about it.  Tralee's tooth fairy's name is Sparkle Brushglimmer.  She received a notice from the head tooth fairy, his name is Cuspid Molarwizard, that she needed to come retrieve Tralee's tooth that night.  Sparkle was in the middle of her favorite snack -- Dew Drop Cookies with Bluebell nectar -- when she received the notice to come pick up Tralee's first tooth.  The letter was written in tiny penmanship on a long tiny scroll of paper.  It was rolled up and tied with a ribbon, placed in a little purse with the payment (12 quarters!) for Tralee's tooth, and put under Tralee's pillow where her tooth was.  Sparkle also told us that Tralee's Daddy's tooth fairy was Sparkle's mom!  Her name is Glendelia Brushglimmer, and wasn't always so happy with the condition of Tralee's Daddy's teeth when she came to pick them up when he was a boy.  Glendelia wished Jim brushed his teeth better back then.  Sparkle told Tralee she's SURE all of Tralee's teeth will be very clean, bright, and brushed everyday when she comes to pick them up from under her pillow.  The clean teeth are worth more in Fairyland.

I don't think Tralee was ever so excited for bedtime in her life the night she lost her tooth!  She picked out which pillow to put her tooth and note under, and fell right asleep. It was so cute!  The next morning I was woken up by a little girl, covered in purple glitter -- ahem -- fairy dust, who jumped on my bed and proudly held up her new little fairy-dust-covered-purse filled with her payment and letter from Sparkle.

The whole thing was very exciting!  Maybe next time Tralee and I will try to set up a trap, so we can catch Sparkle, and meet her in person!  We'll see if we can out-sneak a fairy!

I just hope it doesn't happen too soon!  My little girl is growing up way too fast!


Boom said...

Wow! I had no idea Tooth Fairies had such awesome names! That's memorable!

Love Mom

Mary Ann Carlile said...

You are such a creative mom! You really put me to shame. What a fun thing for her, and an emotional moment for you!