Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 5.2: More Road to Hana Pics

We hiked in the bamboo forest.  Very cool!
Tralee in the bamboo forest.  She kept asking if we were going to see a panda bear.
Why are guys always interested in who has the biggest piece of bamboo?  :)
Small cave on our bamboo hike
I made Jim pull over so we could look at the view.  There were tons of ravines, waterfalls, and other gorgeous scenery all along the road to Hana.
See what I mean?
Lots and lots and lots of trees at work!  This sign was on a hike we took.  We weren't sure where the hike would lead us, but we saw cars parked next to a trail, so we pulled over to see for ourselves.  It was a nice hike through the rain forest. 
Kids hiking through the jungle.  Hunter was sad because Jim and I made him walk for a bit instead of carrying him.  Silly boy.
The bamboo forest is below us.  There was quite a drop off right behind us.
We spent a lot of time playing around this waterfall.  Isn't it pretty?  We spotted it from the road.  There was another waterfall right in front of this one.
Do you want to see what Jim and Hunter are looking at?  Check out the picture below.
Here's the other waterfall I was talking about.
Can you find my crazy husband in the picture above?  He's the only thing in color, so it shouldn't be that difficult to spot him.
We told Hunter there was a baby pool just for him near the waterfall.  He loved it!  Check out his face.  Cracks me up. 
There's Jim jumping off cliffs again!
Hunter by the waterfall playing with rocks
Throwing rocks

Hunty playing in his baby pool

Kids and me by the pretty waterfall
Yet another waterfall along the drive
We saw a black sand beach on our drive (not the popular one in the state park you have to pay to get into).  We spotted this black sand beach on our drive, it wasn't even marked, but we saw a lot of surfers there, so we found the turn off and checked it out.  Turns out it was a place where a lot of locals go.  There were kids, probably close to Tralee's age, surfing on some decent sized waves like little pros.  It was amazing to see such small kids out in the ocean!  The pic above is Jim trying to catch a wave to body surf on.  He stayed away from all the people (and better waves), so as to not get in their way.
My son, looking all touristy in his ensemble on the black sand beach.
Tralee, also pulling of the, "I'm not from around here" look while watching her daddy body surf.

The next post will be the last of our Road to Hana day.  Stay tuned. . . 

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