Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 5.1: Road to Hana

On March 11th we decided to take the term, "Sunday drive" to a whole new level by doing the Road to Hana drive.  The drive did not disappoint one bit!  It was the most beautiful, adventurous, fun, exciting, awe-inspiring drive of all of our lives!  I took so many pictures this day, that I'm going to have to do day five in three different blog posts.
Tralee checking out the Koi pond before leaving our hotel.  Do you see all the Banyan trees in the background?  Gorgeous! 

My little model

Koi fish

Hunty and the Koi

I took this pic on our drive.  I didn't want to forget the scenery of our everyday commute around the island.

Hookipa look-out point.  We always stopped here to watch the surfers.  There aren't very many in the picture below.  The waves must have not been epic or something.
Mommy daughter moment at Hookipa Point
We drove down to the beach by Hookipa Point.  It's not a great beach for the littles because there's lots of lava rock and big waves, but there were always sea turtles around and tide pools to check out when the tide was low.  There was also lots of kissing opportunities with this little dude.  I can't kiss him enough.
I love my babies!
Maybe someday we'll get everyone looking at the camera at the same time.
This is what I run from and what surfers look for.

One thing that amazed me about Hawaii is the flora and fauna EVERYWHERE!  I wish I would have taken more pics of  all the flowers around.  I didn't.  This was about the only pic I took on our first hike of the day on our Road to Hana trip.
Jim being Jim at the first waterfall hike on our Road to Hana day
Keeping the important things dry while we jumped in to swim by the waterfall
Jim was the first one to check out the falls

He took Tralee out next.  She loved it.  Hunter was just fine staying on land throwing sticks and rocks around.
Jim took Tralee behind the waterfall
Jim cliff jumping
My turn to swim behind the falls 
Jim and my skin smelled citrus-y after swimming in the fresh water in Hawaii.  Proof once again that we were in paradise.  Seriously, we came out of all this fresh Hawaiian water smelling like a freshly peeled orange!  I know it sounds crazy, but it's true!
Tralee wanted to go back in
Walking away from the first waterfall of the day
 More Road to Hana adventures coming soon. . . 

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